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29 Jan 2021 Austin Belcak

#AAA: Ask Austin Anything – January 2021 | Ep #30

Ask Austin Anything! In this episode Austin answers questions from listeners just like you. Get your question answered on a future Ask Austin Anything episode by submitting it to the link below.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

[0:25] – A message from Austin

[1:30] – “You mentioned you were promoted three times at Microsoft in the (I think) 5 years you worked there. How did you manage to do that? Any tips for people looking to climb the ladder?”

[7:00] – “What do you do in your daily life to keep your mental health healthy?”

[14:08] – “How do you get around the issue of ageism in the job search? I am 58 – a young, fit and enthusiastic 58.  I am up-to-date with digital trends and have so much experience to offer on a senior management level, but I can't escape the feeling that my (many) applications are overlooked because of age.”

[19:39] – “How do you prepare a VVP that avoids rubbing them the wrong way or making them think that you don't know the business well enough if you suggest the wrong thing? To avoid thoughts like: We already tried that, and it didn't work, We just spent $100,000 (or I worked tirelessly) on what you are recommending could be improved, How presumptuous/condescending of you to provide insight without having enough context.”

[23:23] – “What should I write in a cold email when there is no job opening at the moment but I want to introduce myself politely and professionally?”

[26:38] – “How did you make the choices for the stylistic parts of your brand? The blue color, the Cultivated Culture logo, etc.?”

[30:11] – “If you had to start a business from scratch, what are a few of the major steps you’d take to get started?”

Ask Austin Anything:

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