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How To Use Mailscoop

Welcome to Mailscoop, a tool you can use to easily find the email addresses of people you want to reach out to. Whether you're looking for a recruiter, a hiring manager, a CEO, or some other decision maker - Mailscoop can help you find their email address for free.

If you've never used an email lookup tool before, no worries! I'm going to show you exactly how to use this thing, as well as give you some more info around email finders in general so you understand how they work. Finally, we'll walk through some frequently ask questions so you can get easy answers!


Find Someone’s Email In 3 Simple Steps

The great part about Mailscoop (besides the fact that it's 100% free) is that it's incredibly easy to use! All you need to get started are three pieces of information:

  • Your contact's first name
  • Your contact's last name
  • A link to the website of the company where your contact works

Let's say we wanted to find Elon Musk's email address. We already know his full name so we just need a link to a website for one of the companies he "works for." Let's use SpaceX in this case - their site is

With that in mind, our search would look like this:

How Do You Know You Have The Right Email Address?

Great question! While email lookup tools like Mailscoop are super helpful, they're still making educated guesses.

Here's how they work -- when you hit "Find It," Mailscoop goes and looks through all of the emails on the server of the website that you provided. It works through potential combinations of the person's name that you provided and it aims to match them with an email address that exists on the domain.

Email lookup tools are never going to be 100% accurate 100% of the time due to a variety of factors (which I'll talk more about below), so we want to make sure to verify that the email found by the tool is the right one!

In order to do that, I recommend using a website called

Mailtester lets you plug in the email address that you found and it will give you some info about it. There are three potential responses:

Email Is Valid - Bingo! The email you found exists on the company's email server so your email is going to get into the hands of a real person.

Email Address Does Not Exist - Bummer, it looks like the email you found doesn't exist on the server which means it's not the right one. At this point, you can either try another email format for the person or reach out to them via another medium (like LinkedIn).

Server Does Not Allow For Verification - Some company's domains simply don't allow email lookup tools to scrub their domains for addresses. In that case, you can take a shot in the dark with the email you have (it could be the right one!) or you can try reaching out via another medium like LinkedIn.

Now you should have a good idea about whether or not this email is legit:

What If Mailscoop Couldn’t Find The Email Address I Was Looking For?

Like I mentioned above, no email lookup tool out there is going to be 100% accurate 100% of the time. All of them, including Mailscoop, are making educated guesses based on the information they have.

There are a whole bunch of reasons why Mailscoop might not return an email address, even if that email seems obvious to you (for example, looking up yourself).

Your company's email server may not allow for verification and/or they may have systems in place to confuse verification systems.

There may be several people with the same (or similar) names and Mailscoop is having trouble differentiating.

There may be a funky email convention that the company uses for some of their employees emails. For example, my email at Microsoft is a weird combination of my first and last name in a single word. Email finders have a hard time with those.

We'd rather tell you we can't find a match than give you one we're not 100% sure about.

If Mailscoop can't find the email of the person you're looking for, you have a couple of options:

Try Different Formats With Mailtester - Since we know that Mailtester will validate the right emails, you can try plugging in different combos to see if something fits. For example:

  • [first name]
  • [first name].[last name]
  • [first initial][last name]
  • [first name][last initial]
  • [first name]_[last name]
  • Etc.

Reach Out Via Another Medium - Another option is to reach out via another platform. I recommend any channel where they're professional active. LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, and Medium are all great examples.

Happy email hunting!


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