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The Value Validation Project Starter Kit

All the proven guidance, templates, and examples you need to create a job-winning Value Validation Project.

Tired Of Companies Not Recognizing Your Value?

Ever feel like companies, recruiters, and interviewers aren't understanding your value? If so, you're not alone.

Most job seekers rely on the same outdated materials when they apply for jobs. They have their resume, their cover letter, and a few answers prepared for questions like, "why do you want to work here?"

Here's the problem...

Those documents are a horrible way to convey your value. I mean, seriously, how many of us look at our resume and say, "Yes! This really captures me!"

We're dynamic, awesome people with so much value to offer...Yet we're expected to convey that on an 8.5x11" sheet of paper using words like "results-driven" and "team-player."

That may have worked 10 years ago, but it certainly doesn't in today's market.

That's where the Value Validation Project (VVP) comes in.

VVPs are deliverables that allow you to convey your value on your own terms, in your own words. They're your chance to say, "I know exactly why you're hiring for this role, let me show you what I bring to the table."

They're super effective because they're rooted in proven best practices and they allow us to demonstrate our value and ideas they way we would in any normal situation!

Six years ago, I used Value Validation Projects to get interviews and offers at Microsoft, Google, and Twitter despite having no traditional tech experience.

Since then, I've been able to test and tweak our VVP process with thousands of job seekers just like you! They went on to land offers from places like Amazon, Apple, Salesforce, Lyft, Oracle, Hubspot, Boston Consulting Group, and more.

The Value Validation Project Starter Kit is aimed at sharing the most up-to-date templates and examples to help you replicate those results for yourself!

What's Inside The Value Validation Project Starter Kit?

The Value Validation Project Starter Kit comes with videos, editable templates, and examples for different scenarios where a VVP will help you get better results. Here's the full breakdown:

VVP Starter Kit Context Example #1

#1: An Introduction To Value Validation Projects

Learn the basics of Value Validation Projects as well as how to create a job-winning project and when to leverage it:

  • An Introduction To Value Validation Projects
  • How & When To Share Your VVP In The Job Search
  • What To Do If A Company "Steals Your Ideas"
  • The "ROI" Of Creating VVPs
VVP Starter Kit Contents Example #2

#2: My Editable VVP Slide Deck Template

Get Access To An Editable Version Of The VVP Template I Use With All Of My Coaching Clients. It Includes:

  • A Pre-Built, Drag & Drop VVP Slide Deck Template 
  • Plug & Play Capability - Just Replace The Placeholder Content!
  • Context & Tips For Creating The Perfect Project
  • Edit & Download In Google Slides, PowerPoint, or PDF
VVP Starter Kit Contents Example #3

#3: Four VVP Examples For Real Companies & Situations

Get Access To 4 VVP Examples For Different Companies & Different Situations To See A Great VVP In Action:

  • VVP Example #1: Highlighting An Opportunity For Cultivated Culture
  • VVP Example #2: Solving A Problem For Spotify
  • VVP Example #3: Showcasing Previous Experience For Away Luggage
  • VVP Example #4: Winning A Promotion At Microsoft

Value Validation Projects Have Helped Thousands Of Job Seekers Win Dream Job Offers

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"I landed back-to-back six-figure dream jobs! Both hiring managers told me other candidates were more qualified and had more experience, but they were blown away with how I proved my value and ability to do the job before I got the job with the VVP." 

Chris Headshot


"I leveraged Austin's advice to create a Value Validation Project helped me land two offers at Disney as well as offers from Big 4 firms, despite being rejected 196 total times in the past."

Tahsin Headshot


"I came across Dream Job System and invested in it because I wanted to learn about his approach of creating a Value Validation Project. I'm happy to say that Austin played a big part in me landing my first dream role in tech at one of my target companies!"

Dan Headshot


"I had heard Austin talk about Value Validation Projects many times. I saw an opportunity with my agency client...I provided them with a VVP proposal idea. The agency president told me he was “blown away.” I just landed two new contract projects with that agency."

Sanchita Headshot


"I lost my job due to COVID-19 and decided to pursue a new career path. I found Austin’s tools and strategies and decided to dedicate myself to implementing his job search system. Austin helped me land a role at a Fortune 500 company with a non-traditional background and a 39.5% salary hike!"

Becky Headshot


"Austin knocked my socks off with his job search approach and strategy and once I got things rolling, I immediately started getting results. I had several interviews lined up, and had recruiters reaching out to ME via LinkedIn multiple times a week!"

Those Job Offers Have Come From Companies Like:

Cultivated Culture Company Logos

Who Am I & Why Am I Qualified To Share Advice On The Job Search?

My name is Austin Belcak and I teach a community of 1.5+ million job seekers how to land their dream job without applying online. My job search system is based on 7+ years of experience, stemming from my own transition.

I graduated college with a biology degree, a 2.58 GPA, and a job in healthcare. My dream? To transition into tech and work at a company like Microsoft or Google. After 300+ online applications and no results, I gave up on the traditional job search system we’re all taught and decided to create my own.

Enter the Value Validation Project.

Since my resume, my cover letter, and every other traditional method of illustrating value wasn't working, I decided to create my own.

Instead of talking about my past experience, I shifted my energy to identifying opportunities for my target companies and pitching them on my ideas.

I'd research each company in detail, looking for challenges they were facing, opportunities they were missing, or new initiatives they were launching. Then I'd brainstorm personalized ideas to help companies solve for these things and I'd package them up in a deck.

The results were wild.

Instead of hearing, "sorry, you don't have enough experience" or "thanks, but we went with another candidate who was a better fit," the language totally changed.

Hiring managers would say things like , "we've never seen a candidate do this before," and "can we talk more about these ideas?"

Value Validation Projects were my opportunity to show companies what I could do for them. But they also came with a silver lining -- no other job seekers were doing anything like this!

The results were crazy.

My VVPs got me interviews at Uber, Twitter, and Google along with an offer and a six-figure raise at Microsoft.

Since then, I've been able to test and refine my VVP system across thousands of job seekers (just like you!) to help them land dream job offers at the world's best companies.

This Starter Kit incorporates thousands of data points from my own journey and my work with thousands of clients to remove all the guesswork and make it easy for you to create a job-winning Value Validation Project.

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Value Validation Start Pack Product Image

Get Lifetime Access To The
Value Validation Project Starter Kit

Create a value-driven deliverable that completely sets you apart from the competition and blows away hiring managers at your dream companies.

  • Introduction On Creating A Job-Winning VVP
  • My VVP Slide Deck Template (Editable & Downloadable)
  • 4+ Examples of VVPs for Real Companies & Situations
  • More Tips, Resources, & Ideas 

Note: All VVP Starter Kit Sales Are Final

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Don't Have A VVP Idea?

Yes. Due to the fact that purchasing the playbook gives you immediate access to one of the core strategies of our job search system, we aren't able to offer refunds for this product. All sales are final.

How Does The Editable VVP Template Work?

The VVP Starter Kit includes a the slide deck template that I use with all of my clients.

The first few slides provide some context around how to use the deck as well as tips for creating an awesome project.

After that, the slide deck includes template slides for every slide I recommend in my VVP deck. Each slide has placeholders and sample content so you can get idea of what information you should include and where you should include it.

When your research is done and your VVP idea is baked out, all you have to do is swap the placeholder content for your own work. Then you can export the deck any way you'd like! The Kit comes with Google Slides, PowerPoint, and PDF versions of the deck to make that easy.

Can You Share More Detail About The 4 Examples In The Starter Kit?

Here's a breakdown of all 4 examples included in the Starter Kit:

Example #1: Highlighting An Opportunity For Cultivated Culture

This 13-slide example showcases how a potential candidate researched and identified 2 ways for Cultivated Culture to improve its sales rates. This example is great for companies who you've identified an opportunity for.

Example #2: Solving A Problem For Spotify

This 12-slide example showcases how a potential candidate identified an issue that Spotify was having that goes directly against its mission and stated goals for its listeners. This example is great for companies who have a challenge they're trying to overcome.

Example #3: Showcasing Previous Experience For A Data Role at Away Luggage

This 9-slide example showcases how a potential candidate turned previous experience into case studies that provide relevant value for the role they're applying to at Away Luggage. This example is great for people who don't have easy access to company data or information because this VVP is focused on your own personal experience.

Example #4: Asking For A Promotion / Raise At Microsoft

This 12-slide example includes the actual VVP that Austin used to score a promotion and raise at Microsoft. This example is great for anyone who wants to negotiate a promotion or raise at their current company (and is a great for job seekers because you can keep it in your back pocket for when that time comes in your future roles!).

Can I See A Sample Of A VVP Example?

Sure! Here are two slides from the examples that illustrate what you can expect to see. Naturally, they don't have the context of the full deck around them so just keep that in mind :)

Value Validation Project Example Screenshot #1
Value Validation Project Example Screenshot #2

How Do I Know The VVP Starter Kit Includes The Templates I Need?

The best VVPs are highly personalized to the company and role you're creating them for. It would be impossible to share every single VVP for every single scenario in this course because every company, role, and individual has different problems, opportunities, and ideas.

My team and I spent dozens of hours coming through the thousands of data points we have on VVPs and brainstorming the best way to present templates and examples that covered the broadest range of scenarios. That's what you'll find in here.

The beauty of VVPs is that they are yours to create. This is your chance to be innovative, to get creative, and to have fun. These examples serve as just that, examples. They're here to give you inspiration, to guide you, and to give you a framework to base your own projects on.

Are All VVP Starter Kit Sales Final?

Yes. Due to the fact that purchasing the playbook gives you immediate access to one of the core strategies of our job search system, we aren't able to offer refunds for this product. All sales are final.

Giving Back With The VVP STARTER KIT

Giving back is a huge part of the Cultivated Culture mission. While there are many, many ways to do that, we focus on two: Climate Change and Mental Health.

We plant one tree for every single Value Validation Project Starter Kit we sell 🌲

Additionally, Cultivated Culture donates a portion of its gross profits to support the following organizations:

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Note: All Value Validation Project Starter Kit Sales Are Final, We Do Not Offer Refunds For This Course.

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