Are You Ready To See Six-Figure Success Using LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn Launch Formula is a proven system to help job seekers, professionals, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs turn their LinkedIn presence into an opportunity generating machine (more job offers, more influential connections, your own audience, and your own profitable business)!

The LinkedIn Launch Formula is the exact system I used to land jobs at Microsoft, Google, & Twitter, grow my LinkedIn following from 3,000 to 100,000+ in 12 months, and start a highly profitable business...

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People Operations at Masterclass

Austin knocked my socks off with his job search approach and strategy and once I got things rolling, I immediately started getting results. I had recruiters reaching out to ME via LinkedIn multiple times a week!

What Is The LinkedIn Launch Formula?

(And How Does It Work For Job Seekers, Professionals, Thought Leaders, & Entrepreneurs?)

What if you woke up one day and never had to “search” again?

If you wanted a new job, you didn’t have to apply online. Instead, you could reply to one of the dozens of recruiters passively sending you top tier jobs every week. 

Or you could tap into your expanded rolodex of world-class connections that you’d built - people doing amazing work at amazing companies who were ready to go to bat for you.

And if somebody wasn’t in your immediate network just yet? Well, you knew exactly how to connect with them - no matter where they worked, how “busy” they were, or how “influential” they might be.

Or maybe you’re finally ready to start your own thing. Normally, you’d have to get out there and find customers. But you already have a loyal base of fans who are eager to support what you put out into the world.

Sounds crazy, right? 

Or maybe impossible is a better word to use.

But what if I told you it’s easier than you think?

That you already have everything it takes to make all of those scenarios your reality?

All you need is the right platform and the right system.

Let’s rewind for a second....

In 2013, I graduated from college with a 2.58 GPA, a biology degree, and a job in healthcare.

Miserable and unsatisfied, I embarked on a journey to transition into the world of tech. I wanted to work at Microsoft, Google, or Facebook. No problem, right?

In the beginning, I did things the way I was “supposed to.” The way my parents, friends, and career counselors taught me.

I tweaked my resume, updated my cover letter, and proceeded to submit 300+ online job applications in 60 days.

The result? Zero interviews and zero offers.

At the time, LinkedIn wasn’t even a blip on my radar. My profile was a low-budget carbon copy of my resume and my profile picture was a grainy crop of some Facebook tag that popped up in my notifications one day.

But as the traditional process continued to fail, I became curious about other channels that could help me achieve my goals.

I began to spend more time on LinkedIn, and with each passing day I started to realize the crazy potential this platform had.

Every single person I could ever hope to connect with -- from a hiring manager at Google all the way up to people like Satya Nadella and Arianna Huffington -- was on this platform.

LinkedIn didn’t just allow me to find the handful of people who could impact my goals...It gave me options and avenues to build relationships with them too!

On top of that, I learned that LinkedIn is a search engine, just like Google. Recruiters were spending entire days searching for candidates like me. If I could understand the algorithm, I could increase the visibility of my profile and show up in front of more employers.

In fact, the combination of these two things is exactly how I landed my job at Microsoft.

In July of 2015, I opened my LinkedIn app to this message from a recruiter at Microsoft who had found my profile:

LinkedIn Message From Microsoft Recruiter

I took him up on the offer and made it through two rounds of interviews before being rejected.

I was definitely down, but I knew I wasn’t out. I leveraged LinkedIn to maintain relationships with each and every person I had interviewed with on that team.

A few months later, a new Partner Manager role opened up. I leveraged the connections I’d built to get referred in and eventually score the job offer:

Austin's Offer Letter From Microsoft

And the power of LinkedIn didn’t stop once I landed a job.

When I started at Microsoft, LinkedIn was the platform I used to generate eight-figure results for my team.

That led to my winning Microsoft's Platinum Club award, which they reserve for the top 1% of salespeople at the company.

I got to have dinner with Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella and the company flew my wife and I to Hawaii for a week long vacation at the Four Seasons:

Austin with Satya and in Hawaii

That success created a launchpad for my career at Microsoft.

In the 5 years I was there, I was promoted three times and I earned raises and bonuses worth multiple six-figures!

At that point, I decided to shift my focus to my personal brand.

I started creating posts, sharing the things I’d learned on my job search journey.

My following skyrocketed from a few hundred people to 100,000+ in just 12 months. Today, 2.5 years in, I have 950,000+ followers (growing at an average of 1,600 followers per day):

Austin's LinkedIn Follower Growth Chart

Right now, my profile has seen 372,000+ views in the last 90 days, every post I publish reaches an average of 167,000+ people, and I show up in 9,500+ searches per week:

Austin's LinkedIn Profile Metrics

And my LinkedIn content has helped me land features in places like Business Insider, Forbes, CNBC, the USA Today, and more. I’ve also been featured by LinkedIn’s News team multiple times:

Austin Featured on LinkedIn's Get Hired Feed
Austin Featured By LinkedIn's Account
Austin Featured In Business Insider
Austin Featured In Forbes

You can even check out the full LinkedIn Live I did with Andrew Seaman, the Senior Editor for Job Searching & Careers at LinkedIn News right here:

These results didn’t come from any special status. 

I didn’t have “inside connections” at companies like Microsoft or at LinkedIn. I’m just a regular person, same as you.

I started with a bare bones profile and a few hundred followers.

But these results aren’t luck either.

They’re the product of a system that I developed through 6+ years of experimentation, reflection, and interaction on the LinkedIn platform.

The best part? It’s completely repeatable and anyone can implement it.

I just haven’t shared it publicly...until now.

Who Am I?

Austin Belcak

Founder, Cultivated Culture

950,000+ Followers on LinkedIn

Hey there! My name is Austin and I'm the founder of Cultivated Culture.

Two short years ago, I had a few hundred connections on LinkedIn and I'd never made any serious attempts to post.

Today, I have an audience of 1.2M+ followers on LinkedIn that's growing at a rate of 1,800+ per day.

LinkedIn helped me land jobs at Microsoft, Google, and Twitter. It helped me get featured in Business Insider, Forbes, Inc., The USA Today. And it helped me create my own thriving business.

Now I want to teach you everything I've learned so you can replicate those results!

Enter The LinkedIn Launch Formula.

The LinkedIn Launch Formula is my all-one-system aimed at teaching you the proven system that allowed me to turn the LinkedIn platform into a career opportunity machine.

This program will show you how to optimize your profile so you’re passively receiving dozens of top-tier job opportunities every single week.

It will show you how to build connections with anyone, from hiring managers to influential thought leaders, using LinkedIn.

And it will show you how to build a world-class following of supporters who are ready and waiting to help you achieve anything you set your sights on.

Want to write a book? You have your readers. Want to start a side hustle? No need to search for prospects. Dreaming of becoming a speaker? The gigs will come pouring in.

This is the same system that I used to land referrals and offers at Microsoft and Google, despite not knowing anyone at those companies.

The system that I used to connect with influencers and thought leaders like Arianna Huffington, Podcaster John Lee Dumas, NY Times Bestselling Author Tucker Max, The Portland Trailblazer's Josh Hart, and more.

And the system I used to future-proof my career and start a profitable side hustle while working full time.

As is true with all of our courses, we removed the guesswork and we made it easy.

Getting results with this course is like following a recipe. We laid out each individual step along with all of the tools and details you need to implement it well. All you need to do is follow the plan and execute the steps.

Who Is The LinkedIn Launch Formula For?

I created the LinkedIn Launch Formula to help every type of person see success on LinkedIn. That includes job seekers, professionals, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Choose a tab below to see how the course will help you achieve six-figure success:

  • Job Seekers

  • Professionals

  • Thought Leaders

  • Entrepreneurs

How Does The LinkedIn Launch Formula Work For Job Seekers?

The LinkedIn Launch Formula teaches job seekers how to leverage LinkedIn to get their value noticed by hiring managers at their dream companies. The strategies in this course will help job seekers drive more employers to their profile and allow them to clearly see the value they bring to the team. As a job seeker, you'll have employers from your dream companies reaching out to you with six figure offers.

What Is Six Figure Success For Job Seekers? It's multiple six figure job offers as a result of the connections and content you're creating on LinkedIn.

What Results Can You Expect From The LinkedIn Launch Formula Course?

It’s pretty simple! We’ve built each module to help you reach a specific, objective, and relevant goal. Module #1 is introductory, but the rest are:

Module #2 = 100 Additional Searches In Your First 30 Days

30 days after completing Module #2, you can expect your average profile views to increase by at least 250 and you can expect to show up in at least 100 additional searches every month. Those numbers will only continue to grow over time.

Module #3 = Connections With Influential People (Potential Referrals, Thought Leaders, & Entrepreneurs)

30 days after completing Module #3, you can expect to start creating connections and having conversations with highly influential people who can help you achieve your goals.

Job seekers will be connecting with referrals at their dream companies. Professionals will be connecting with folks who can propel their careers forward. Thought leaders will be connecting with other influencers who can help them grow their audience. And Entrepreneurs will be connecting with prospects as well as other entrepreneurs who can help them take their business to the next level.

Module #4 = A Minimum of 5,000 Views On Your First LinkedIn Post

30 days after completing Module #4, you can expect your first text post to hit a minimum of 5,000 views. After a few weeks of posting, you’ll have reached a sold-out stadium’s worth of people.

And if you continue to do the work? You’ll have everything you need to attract hundreds of thousands of followers, features in major publications, connections with highly influential people, and the foundations for starting a business/personal brand and generating new sources of income.

This isn’t a fluffy course where the goal is to “do more on LinkedIn!”

We’re aiming for real, quantifiable results - and we’ll help you achieve them.

Does These Sound Familiar?

  • You see other people succeeding on LinkedIn, but you have no idea how that could happen for you
  • You're frustrated because everyone tells you that you "need to network," but nobody actually shows you how (and the things you're trying aren't working)
  • You've thought about creating content on LinkedIn, but you have no idea what to talk about or what value you have to share
  • You've posted content on LinkedIn but nobody is engaging with your posts and you're not sure what's wrong
  • You want the benefits of having a strong personal brand, but the thought of "putting yourself out there" is absolutely terrifying

If any of those hit close to home, it's time to take action. I'm going to help you break through those barriers right here, right now.

Here's What You Get With The

LinkedIn Launch Formula

The LinkedIn Launch Formula course comes with 4 modules, 60 lessons, and over 20 hours of content!

It includes all of the examples, scripts, templates, and tactics you need (whether you're a job seeker, professional, thought leader, or entrepreneur!) Here's a breakdown of what's inside:

Module #1: Welcome To The LinkedIn Launch Formula

LinkedIn Launch Formula Module #1

Includes: 4 Video Lessons

Objective: The goal of the first module is to introduce you to the course and give you personal direction on how to maximize your results for your situation, whether you're a job seeker, professional, aspiring thought leader, or entrepreneur.

  • Introduction & what to expect from the course
  • A detailed blueprint for successfully leveraging the course if you're a job seeker or professional
  • A detailed blueprint for successfully leveraging the course if you're an entrepreneur or thought leader

Guaranteed Result: By the end of this module, you'll have a clear idea of how to tackle the material in the course to get the fastest results for your situation.

Module #2: Transforming Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Highly Searchable, Crazy Effective, Six-Figure Sales Page

LinkedIn Launch Formula Module #2

Objective: 17 Video Lessons (With Examples, Scripts, Templates, and Worksheets)

Objective: The goal of the second module is to teach you how to optimize every single aspect of your profile so you get more visibility, more views, and more outreach from your target audience (recruiters, prospects / customers, and new followers).

  • Breaking down the LinkedIn Search Algorithm along with actionable steps to help you leverage it to show up in more searches and win more profile views
  • Detailed deep dives into optimizing your profile from top to bottom, including your Profile Picture, Banner Image, Headline, Featured Section, About, Experience, Skills, and Recommendations (and everything in between!)
  • Personal reviews of real LinkedIn profiles for a Job Seeker, Freelancer / Side Hustler, and Entrepreneur -- watch me break down each profile and provide line-by-line feedback for each
  • Discover my "Value Driven Comment" strategy that will allow you to manually drive thousands of views to your profile

Guaranteed Result: 30 days after finishing Module #2, you can expect to show up in a minimum of 100 additional searches every week (with that number growing as you continue to implement)

Module #3: The Proprietary "LinkedIn Networking Formula" For Connecting With Highly Influential People

LinkedIn Launch Formula #3

Objective: 13 Video Lessons (With Examples, Scripts, Templates, and Worksheets)

Objective: The goal of the third module is to teach you my proprietary, research-backed LinkedIn Networking Formula that will allow you to connect and build relationships with anyone from hiring managers, to busy CEOs, to influential thought leaders, and everyone in between.

  • Learn how to leverage "Connection Clues" to find common ground with anyone (and guarantee a response from them)
  • Deep dive into the research-backed science of relationship building complete with peer-reviewed studies and advice that's crazy simple to implement
  • Revealing the 8 proven networking strategies that helped me connect with hiring managers at Google and Microsoft, as well as entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington, Neil Patel, Eric Siu, Tucker Max, Josh Hart, and more on LinkedIn (complete with templates, examples, and scripts) 
  • My full set of copy-and-paste messaging templates for Connection Requests, InMails, DMs, and cold emails

Module #4: How To Create Content And Build A Six Figure Audience

LinkedIn Launch Formula #4

Objective: 26 Video Lessons (With Examples, Scripts, Templates, and Worksheets)

Objective: Learn how to create and leverage content to generate a flywheel effect for your results. Illustrate your value, build credibility, grow your following, and generate inbound opportunities from your target audience (even if you've never posted before, don't know what to say, or are scared of getting started).

  • Deep dive into the psychology of content creation (how to overcome fear, limit beliefs, and "Post Anxiety"), including a bonus on how to handle haters
  • Breakdown of my specific frameworks for finding your unique niche and generating unlimited post ideas from scratch
  • Discover the secrets behind the LinkedIn Content Algorithm (so you can use it to your advantage)
  • Reveal my content creation process - watch me write posts from start to finish while I talk through my thought process with every single line
  • Learn the anatomy of a perfect LinkedIn post along with the 5 post types that generate the most engagement (with examples of each)
  • Discover 5 new content promotion strategies that will help you generate tens of thousands of views immediately after implementing (including two that played a crucial role in my ability to get to 100k followers)
  • Pull back the curtain on my daily LinkedIn schedule that lets me generate six figure results in less than 60 minutes per day
  • Participate in the 30 day LinkedIn Content Challenge!

Here's What My Clients & Fellow Creators Are Saying About My LinkedIn Strategies

Daniel Headshot

Daniel Botero

Founder, Mastering College To Career with 30,000+ followers on LinkedIn

"After using Austin's strategies for a month, I tripled my LinkedIn engagement and views. On top of that, I generated more revenue in a single month than all of last year combined:"

Cecilia Headshot

Cecilia Retelle Zywicki

Chief Operating Officer with 9,000+ followers on LinkedIn

"After working with Austin, I was able to generate 5 million views and grow my audience by 6,000+ followers in 8 weeks!"

Check out this post that crushed 30,000+ reactions that Cecilia wrote when she was only six weeks into her creation journey:

Cecilia 30k Reaction Post
Vincent Headshot

Vincent Phamvan

Founder of Parent's Club with 11,000+ followers on LinkedIn

"Austin's techniques on identifying an audience and creating valuable content allowed me to grow my LinkedIn profile to over 10,000 followers in just a few months. 

By connecting with other public figures, I hosted an online summit with over 7,000 registrants. By implementing his strategies, I went from 0 to 250 paying customers in 60 days. It's an investment that paid out 10x for me."

Rose Headshot


Product Support Engineer

"I followed your advice of making one meaningful comment a day on LinkedIn and I received an offer for $90K which is 15K more than I make. It took 3 months from the time I started this daily habit to receiving the offer...

I ended up getting contacted daily by different recruiters, and no joke, no exaggeration, I did at least one interview every day for two consecutive weeks, and some of those days consisted of two interviews."

Biron Clark Headshot

Biron Clark

Founder of Career Sidekick with 216,000+ LinkedIn Followers

I’ve known Austin for a couple of years now and I first found him on LinkedIn, of course. He seems to be everywhere on the platform – omnipresent.

It’s clear that he’s cracked the code to LinkedIn based on how many people comment and engage on every post he shares.

LinkedIn has also started sending me notifications about his posts recently, saying I may be interested in them, before I’ve seen them.

When the platform itself is promoting your content, you know you’re doing something right, and that’s where Austin is at right now. He’s found uncommon success on LinkedIn and maintained it for a long time.

And as an instructor, he’s great at explaining concepts, breaking strategies down into understandable pieces and giving you steps you can take and replicate. He’s an exceptional teacher.

I can’t think of someone better to teach LinkedIn growth strategies than Austin.

Tim Salau Headshot

Tim Salau

CEO of Guide and ex- Microsoft with 254,000+ LinkedIn Followers

Austin is legitttt! He's helped sooo many people level up in their careers through LinkedIn! You have to check out this course.

Mariam Jameel Headshot

Mariam Jameel

SEO Manager for LinkedIn Talent Solutions with 7,000+ LinkedIn Followers and a profitable side hustle

There's a difference between growing a following and building a community. I've watched Austin go from having a few thousand connections on LinkedIn to a community of over 800k+ engaged followers who crave his content. 

Austin's strategies helped me create content that not only adds a ton of value to my network but is also super engaging. Building on LinkedIn has helped me position myself as an expert in my space and has opened so many opportunities. I couldn't have experienced this level of growth without Austin's strategies.

Liesl Headshot


Freelance Writer

It’s perfect for the "lazy" networker. Module #2 helped me learn how to optimize my profile, regularly leave high-value comments on others posts, and STILL get contacted by recruiters— all without having to do outreach or post content. I’ve generated leads for my side business and landed the current job I have, tripling my income.

Frankie Headshot


EdTech Sales Leader & Career Coach

“Austin is a VALUE-MACHINE! His content is insanely valuable, strategic, AND tactical. Every nuanced step, detail and tool you can imagine needing for creating content on LinkedIn, is laid out perfectly by Austin. I can confidently say that I would not be creating content today on LinkedIn if it were not for The LinkedIn Launch Formula. His course made this journey possible and 20x easier. Austin helped me land my dream job, and now he's helping me on the path to building my dream business!”

Case Study: Mammoth-Sized Clients, Awards, & More In A Matter Of Months

Miloney Headshot

Miloney T.

Entrepreneur, Consultant, & LinkedIn Launch Formula Student

"When I first enrolled in Austin's LinkedIn Launch Formula course, I was a bit skeptical about how valuable it could be, especially since I had already invested in $1000+ in various courses, read a couple books, and spent several hours on my profile. But given that his highly engaging LinkedIn posts had already attracted ~800,000 followers, I'd thought maybe there's a chance he'd share something that I hadn't seen and heard before. And I can honestly say Austin's course content has been second to none, here are a few reasons why:

  • Austin has demonstrated expertise in how to effectively leverage LinkedIn as a personal branding platform--both from a sales and marketing standpoint--in a way that is accessible. As an introvert who doesn't particularly enjoy sales and marketing, this was key. His entire course breaks down his formula into actionable, easy-to-follow steps.  
  • His content is designed to speak to three key audiences: 1) professionals; 2) professionals with a side hustle; and 3) entrepreneurs. Because Austin has mastered all three through his career, he is easily able to adapt his content to maximize impact based on his audience's motivations and pain points. 
  • His course is focused on how to set you up for success when posting on LinkedIn, which in my experience has led to the greatest return on investment. And he's very thorough in covering everything from psychological barriers to his writing process to how to structure engaging posts. 

In the short time since completing his course, I have been able to overcome my fears about "putting myself out there" and posting regularly on LinkedIn. And the results–all of which have been completely unexpected–have been nothing short of remarkable. 

Over the past few months, I've been approached by a mammoth-sized, international prospective client, won an award in my field, formalized agreements with a couple international partners, and landed a contract with a dream client in a very competitive market. And this all happened before I even reached 2k followers. No doubt about it, Austin helped me take my LinkedIn game to the next level in a way that no other LinkedIn expert has."

Who Should NOT Buy This Course

This course is not a magic bullet that will have you generating six figure results on LinkedIn overnight.


Because that doesn't exist.

Massive success in any area requires time and it requires work.

A lot of work.

It takes time and effort to learn the techniques in this course. It takes even more time to master them and turn them into the flywheel effect that we've been talking about.

If you're looking for another set of LinkedIn "hacks" or are expecting instant gratification, you're going to HATE this course. Don't buy it.

You can read all of the articles on "How To Go Viral" and watch all the videos on the "LinkedIn Hack That Helped Someone Get 30k Followers In 30 Days," but the truth is, that content is being created to generate views and revenue for its creators. Not to help you grow.

If that's what you're looking for or investing in, you're just wasting your time.

Take it from someone who has seen more growth that any person who wrote those articles or recorded those videos.

Instead, this course is for people who see the big picture.

People who understand that success on LinkedIn is possible, but it's going to take time, effort, and energy. And that the success resulting from those actions will open the door to massive opportunities that will change their life.

This course will show you how to do that. It will give the system -- all of the tools, strategies, examples, and resources you need to generate six-figure results from LinkedIn whether you're a job seeker, professional, aspiring thought leader, or entrepreneur.

If you're ready for that, you're going to love this course and I can't wait to see you inside.

How Much Does The Course Cost?

Try The Entire LinkedIn Launch Formula Course Risk Free!

The best part of the whole deal is that LinkedIn Launch Formula is backed by a 30 day, results-based guarantee.

I am 100% confident that the LinkedIn Launch Formula will work for you, but I want YOU to be 100% satisfied with the results you get. If you sign up for the course, do all of the work, and don't begin to see results after 30 days of implementing the strategies, I'll refund you every penny:

LinkedIn Launch Formula Product Image
Pay in full (save $97)



Get access to the full LinkedIn Launch Formula course for a single payment (save $97 vs. paying monthly)!

  • Access to all 4 modules (60 lessons and 20+ hours of video content) 
  • All of the copy/paste email scripts, templates, tools, and trackers you need to be successful
  • Case studies with real people who have seen six-figure success as job seekers, professionals, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
Six Month Payment Plan




Get access to the full LinkedIn Launch Formula course by spreading your payments out across 6 months!

  • Access to all 4 modules (60 lessons and 20+ hours of video content) 
  • All of the copy/paste email scripts, templates, tools, and trackers you need to be successful
  • Case studies with real people who have seen six-figure success as job seekers, professionals, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

30 Day Results-Based Guarantee

Try LinkedIn Launch Risk-Free!

I promise that this course will work for you.

I guarantee that taking this course and following through on the steps inside will help you see better results on LinkedIn.

I actually guarantee specific results for each module (you can see them above)!

As a result the LinkedIn Launch Formula is backed by a full 30-day, money back guarantee. If you do the work and don’t begin to see results within 30 days, I will refund you every penny. 

Note: If you are buying this course because you want a magical pill that will do the work for you, this is totally not for you. Job searching requires a lot of work. A lot of commitment. A lot of persistence. If you are lazy, don't buy the course. I actually require that you do work. If you do opt to refund the course, I require you to submit a few basic assignments to show that you've given it an honest effort. If that isn't something you're cool with, we understand. This course probably isn't a good fit for you. Click here for more details and refund terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions About The LinkedIn Launch Formula Course?

I've included answers to the most common questions below, but everyone's situation is different and I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make a good decision!

With that in mind, if you have questions that aren't answered below, feel free to shoot me an email!

You Say That You Can Get "Six-Figure Results" As A Job Seeker, Professional, Thought Leader, or Entrepreneur. That's A Lot Of Different Types Of People. How Can You Promise That?

Great question!

I can promise that because I've seen six-figure results in every one of those phases and LinkedIn was the primary platform I used to do it. I shared all of those results towards the top of the page so you can revisit them there.

Reflecting on the 7 year journey of using LinkedIn as a job seeker, professional, thought leader, and entrepreneur, I realized that success in any of those areas comes down to three simple things:

1. You need to deeply understand your target audience and speak directly to them with your profile and your content.

If you're a job seeker, your targets are recruiters and employers at specific companies. If you're a professional, your targets are influential people in your industry, or people who can accelerate your results in your role. If you're a thought leader, your targets are people who can help you maximize your visibility. If you're an entrepreneur, your targets are qualified prospects who will buy your products.

2. Your network is truly your net worth on LinkedIn. When you are able to connect with individuals who can influence your goals, you will accelerate your results.

As a job seeker, this means connecting with people who can refer you in. As a professional, this means connecting with heavy hitters in your industry. As a thought leader, it's connecting with other high profile accounts or people in places that can land you major visibility. As an entrepreneur, it's connecting with people who can help you grow your business or who have access to a large pool of your prospects.

3. Creating content is essentially networking and selling at scale. 

Regardless of your goals, when people who can influence your results see your posts, your value, and your credibility, you will naturally see more opportunities.

Those three reasons are what the LinkedIn Launch Formula program is based on, and why we can guarantee results for any of those four types of people.

How Is The Course Material Different That What Is On The Blog, In The Masterclass, Or In Your Posts?

I do have a lot of free content on LinkedIn. If you're on this page, you probably sat through an hour long masterclass where I shared some tips. I also have some blog posts on LinkedIn that would probably take you about an hour to read in total.

But the LinkedIn Launch Formula course has over 20 hours of content spread across 70+ video lessons with resources, tools, scripts, examples, and more.

The free material is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you truly want to see six-figure results, it's going to take you more than just a couple of tactics and strategies to make it happen.

You need a full system that will allow you to set a strong foundation, then give you all of the information you need at every step along the way. That's what this course is all about. It has a TON of content that you won't find in any articles, posts, podcasts, or masterclasses. You can only find it in the course.

Can you DIY this? Absolutely!

I did, but it took me 7 years to get to where I am today. I know for certain that I would be able to do it faster if I could take the knowledge I have now and start from scratch. That knowledge is what you get in the course.

Finally, the free material has been available for a while. Yet, you're still here reading this answer. I doubt you'd be doing that if the free material was getting you the results you want. Just sayin' :)

Do I Get Personal Advice From Austin With This Course?

The LinkedIn Launch Formula course is a standalone video course. If you decide to sign up for the course, you'll see an option to book one-on-one coaching sessions with Austin immediately after you purchase. If you sign up for a session, you'll be able to get personalized advice directly from Austin!

Will This Course Continue To Be Updated & Will I Get Access To Future Versions?

Absolutely! This course will be updated as feedback comes in from students who have taken it.

We built this to be a lifetime investment that will help you in every stage of your career. My hope is that you view it that way too. As a result, you will have full access to any and all future updates. In fact, you won't even need to change credentials, just log in and take advantage of the new material as it arrives.

Money Is Tight Right Now, How Can I Afford This?

That's really a question that only you have the answer to.

That said, I can tell you that these strategies have personally helped me generate six-figures in every area I mentioned above (as a job seeker, professional, thought leader, and entrepreneur). You'll be able to easily 10x your investment in any one of those areas. When you combine them, there's no limit to the return you'll see.

This course is an investment and I have done everything in my power to ensure that it's one of the best investments you ever make. It might seem like a lot of money now, but the course pays for itself 10x+ over when you begin to see results and it will pay for itself hundreds of times over as you continue to implement down the road.

Would you pay for something if you knew that you could generate tens of thousands of dollars in ROI down the road?

In addition, you'll have lifetime access so any time you feel "stuck" or "limited," you can come back here and make change happen. That's powerful.

It's less about the bottom line cost, and more about the return on investment for the rest of your life.

How Much Time Will It Take To Finish The Course?

The course is self paced, meaning you can take it at your own speed. You could knock out the entire course in a weekend if you want (I wouldn't recommend it!), or you can invest an hour a day and chip away at it. It's totally up to you.

You can also dive directly into any module you want right from the get go. Feel like you need to optimize your profile? Start with Module #2. Want to immediately start your content creation journey? Dive into Module #4 right away. The choice is yours! 

My only hard recommendation is that you watch and review each lesson until you fully understand the concepts, and then take action on what you learn. I tell my students that they shouldn't move ahead until they have started to see results from the previous lesson.

The timing will vary based on how much time you put in each day, along with how well you understand the concepts and continue to take action on them.

How Many Hours A Day Do I Need To Dedicate To The Course?

My personal recommendation is to allocate 2 hours per day to the material. First, I'd watch the next lesson in the course (watch it twice if you need to!). After that, I'd use the remaining time to take action on the material from the lesson. Then I'd use the remaining time to check the boxes off of your daily LinkedIn To Do list (included in the course!).

As you work through the material, you'll be able to get more efficient with your time. That said, LinkedIn can be a lot of fun when you're starting to grow and see results so there's no limit to how much time you can invest if you're enjoying it.

Many of these strategies involve specific actions where your results are tied to the number of actions you take. For example, Value-Driven Comments. The more VDCs you leave, the more visibility you'll get! You can decide what balance is right for you.

How Do I Take The Course? Is It A Physical Product? All Online?

The course is 100% online which means that you can access it from anywhere, at any time, on any device. It's incredible easy to start a video on your computer and then fire it up on your phone if you're remote.

Have Another Question I Didn't Answer?

Feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

Giving Back With Cultivated Culture

Giving back is a huge part of the Cultivated Culture philosophy.

Taking action is a fundamental part of my nature and the lessons I teach on Cultivated Culture. I'm a big believer in action that goes beyond ourselves, that has an impact on our neighbors, our communities, and the rest of the world.

Cultivated Culture specifically focuses on two initiatives: Climate Change and Mental Health for Men.

For every purchase of the LinkedIn Launch Formula course, we make a donation to help remove 1/3 of a ton of carbon dioxide equivalents from the atmosphere and to plant one tree 🌲. In addition, I donate 1.5% of Cultivated Culture's gross revenue to the following organizations:

National Forest Foundation Logo

While planting trees isn't the most effective form of capturing carbon and making progress, it's still a vital part of our ecosystem. I contribute to the The National Forest Foundation and their mission to conserve, restore, and sustain our national forests and grasslands. To date, Cultivated Culture has helped the NFF plant over 2,000 trees 🌲.

Movember is an organization focused on preventing men from dying early. Movember focuses on a range of issues from mental to physical health. Their goal is to reduce male suicide rates 25% by 2030 and I'm working to help them get there!

Tradewater & Climeworks Logos

Tradewater focuses on finding and destroying refrigerants and other gases that have warming potentials up to 10,000 times stronger than carbon dioxide. Tradewater locates sources of these gases, purchases them, and safely destroys them.

This is a highly efficient method with immediate impact. Cultivated Culture's contributions help remove ~20 tons of CO2 equivalents from the atmosphere every year.

Climeworks is a direct air capture technology that effectively “captures” carbon from the air and safely stores it for later use as a raw material. Direct air capture is still in early stages as a technology, so it's not the most efficient way to capturing carbon. Our contributions help remove a modest ~560 lbs of carbon from the atmosphere every year.

That said, the field has a lot of potential! This is a longer term play. I hope our contributions help make a small impact in progressing that technology to help increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

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