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Cultivated Culture Reviews

Reviews & Success Stories From Real Clients

Check out stories and reviews from real people who have leveraged our strategies and coaching to land their dream job without applying online.

Anton Lands Multiple Six Figure Offers In Europe

"Within four months, I received three offers from fantastic companies. I accepted the offer that is absolutely my dream job and I couldn't be happier."

Anton Principle Sales Specialist

Austin Calls It “The Best Investment I’ve Ever Made”

"The roles I wanted most seemed out of reach. All of the insights Austin offered paid off 8x in the first year alone. If you're wondering whether or not this investment will be worth it, I was in your shoes making the same decision...It was the best investment I've ever made.""

Austin Senior Financial Consultant

Chris Lands Offers At Disney+ & Big 4 Firms

"I leveraged Austin's advice to create a Value Validation Project that helped me land two offers at Disney as well as offers from Big 4 firms."

Chris Analytics

Jasleen Lands $30k Raise & H1B Sponsorship In 2 Months

"I left my job in early 2020, then COVID-19 hit. I began working with Cultivated Culture and landed a Program Manager role at Intuit with a $30,000 raise and visa sponsorship—all in less than 2 months!"

Jasleen Program Manager

David Lands A Raise & More Flexibility

"The return on invest alone makes this worth every penny, and that's even accounting for the tremendous lifestyle difference and joy I have from having a job that I look forward to doing while having more time to spend with my family!"

David Senior Account Director

Sam Jumps From Firefighter To Software Sales (With No Experience)

"Austin changed my life. I was a firefighter with no degree working two blue collar jobs. Austin helped me make the jump into software sales with a $10k raise despite having no "traditional" experience and no college degree."

Sam Sales Development

Jared Scored Back-To-Back Six Figure Offers

"I can’t express enough gratitude to Austin for the impact he has had on my career growth! His advice helped me SKYROCKET my career development. Following his strategies, I landed back-to-back six-figure dream jobs! Both hiring managers told me other candidates were more qualified and had more experience, but they were blown away with how I proved my value and ability to do the job before I got the job. As Austin says, if you’re depressed and sick of the online job application game, STOP doing that and START following his proven step-by-step formulas."

Jared Head of B2B Marketing

From Call Center To Front End Developer

"I used Austin’s advice to meet individuals at the company I wanted to work for and gain a referral that got me a call back and an interview just 2 days after being referred. I used Austin’s interview preparation techniques to rock my interview, and I was offered a position as a front end developer to work for my first choice company."

Rick Front End Developer

Ankita Scored 2 Offers In 3 Months

"I was trying to make a switch from my current job and was worried about being on student visa. Austin’s material helped me land two job offers in three months, as well as negotiate my compensation up an additional $17,000 from the first offer. This is one of the best investments I have ever made."

Ankita Data Analyst

Amish Lands 30% Salary Bump To $275K

"Austin helped me make the transition from finance into a Program Manager role at Amazon. The new role came with a $275,000 compensation package — a 30% increase over my previous salary."

"*Amish asked us to use a pseudonym"

Amish Program Manager

Sanchita Lands An F500 Role With a 39.5% Salary Bump

"I lost my job due to COVID-19 and decided to pursue a new career path. I found Austin’s tools and strategies and decided to dedicate myself to implementing his job search system. Austin helped me land a role at a Fortune 500 company with a non-traditional background and a 39.5% salary hike!"

Sanchita Design Engineer

“Two Amazing Offers” For Becky

"Austin has helped me score amazing offers in TWO job searches now. His advice is golden, but his strategies for emailing and networking really stand out. I recommend them to all of my friends and colleagues who are in the job search!"

Becky Consultant

Multiple Six-Figure Offers In 3 Months

"I was looking to get back into the workforce after taking 8 months off to pursue a startup idea. Cultivated Culture helped me land multiple $100,000+ job offers within 3 months."

Ben Senior Account Executive

Laid Off To Marketing Director In 3 Weeks

"I was laid off from my job at a startup right before New Years in 2017. Cultivated Culture's strategies helped me land a new job as a Marketing Director in under 3 weeks."

Paula B2B Marketing Lead

$35K Raise + More Vacation For Sharon

"I just started a new marketing job, but in a new industry with an opportunity to focus on the customer, making $35K more in salary, plus bonus, plus extra week vacation! I am so excited! I highly recommend Cultivated Culture if you are feeling overwhelmed by the job search process and need resources, accountability, and support."

Sharon Marketing Manager

Chris Lands A 30% Raise

"Austin’s strategies helped me land 3 job offers in 3 weeks! The original offers I got were lower than I was expecting. I used Austin’s salary negotiation techniques and ended up getting a 30% salary increase AND a $5,000 dollar bonus!"

Chris Executive Director

“Multiple Exciting Job Offers” For Prakash

"This approach helped me successfully land multiple exciting job offers. If you're willing to seek advice and put in the effort to switch to a job you desire, I highly recommend Cultivated Culture!"

Prakash Senior Data Engineer

New Grad Lands Offers “Above Salary Expectations”

" I was struggling with fine tuning my resume and effectively preparing for interviews. Forrest's coaching and the Dream Job System gave me the tools and strategies to succeed as a new grad looking for work. I landed a role above my salary expectations in my desired field."

Emmett Senior Analyst

“Single Best Resource” For Job Searching

"I learned about the whole job search process through Cultivated Culture. By taking the DJS course and working with my coach, I have gained a much better understanding of the job search process…There are a lot of job search resources and organizations out there and a lot of them cover similar things, but this is the single BEST resource I've EVER seen and used because it is just so unique and different. It covers everything so clearly and in detailed that enables you to easily take actions and see impact. I highly recommend it to anyone no matter what stage you are at in your career and job search!!! I'm so confident that it will help you!"

Eleanor Research Assistant

Maddie Learned “A Whole New Approach To Job Searching”

"I can’t recommend Cultivated Culture enough, I left my session with a new perspective on applying to jobs, and I’m excited to use more of Austin’s strategies I learned as I continue my job search!"

Maddie Marketing Coodinator

“Highly Recommend If You’re Looking For A Career Coach”

"Cultivated Culture's coaching system resonated with me as I landed all of my career opportunities over the last 17 years through networking. That said, I was looking to branch out and explore tangential industries and needed a different mindset/approach. Forrest…expertly guided me to develop my criteria for evaluating career opportunities, pushed me to dive deeper into my brand, and served as an objective sounding board for the second half of my career. Highly recommend Forrest if your looking for a career coach who is an active listener and who is going to challenge you (in a good way) to dive deeper into career aspirations."

Joedy Sales Director

Shabrina Relocates From The US To Indonesia

"Deciding to work with Austin was the best decision I’ve ever made. I followed his career guides when I had to relocate from the US to Indonesia. I’ve lost touch with my network in Indonesia after living abroad for 3+ years. With Austin’s actionable advice, I managed to reconnect with my former managers and they referred and vouched me for several position in big tech companies."

Shabrina Digital Marketing Manager

Abby Lands Job She Thought She Wasn’t Qualified For

"I was looking to switch industries, but unsure of how to successfully market myself. Austin helped me reframe my thinking & realize that my non-traditional background was, in fact, an advantage. His course also helped me tremendously as I prepared for interviews; I learned how to ask the right questions about roles and companies and how to tell stories that convey my skills. Shifting into a more positive mentality and learning how to talk about my experiences landed me the job I previously thought I was unqualified for."

Abby Business Development

Tanya Lands A $10k Raise

"My goal was to return to the technology and marketing field after freelancing for 2 years. Thanks to Austin, I got an offer at my top choice job within a month. The initial offer I got was good, but Austin’s salary negotiation tips helped me get a $10k increase. I’m super excited to start my new job!"

Tanya Solutions Engineer

Simran Scores 90% Salary Bump

"Cultivated Culture has been a game changer for me with absolutely fantastic resources that helped me enhance my interview prep beyond imagination. I totally vouch for all the interview prep resources right from the step by step process of formulating a response to exact answers Austin himself used! They’ve encouraged me to proudly share my life experiences with recruiters and highlight my value and impact. And the best thing!? I managed to get a 90% hike on my new role, using the negotiation strategies Austin shares."

Simran Senior Associate

Ioannis Breaks Into A New Field With “Minimal Experience”

"I am so glad that I bought Austin’s DJS course, as it helped me land a great job in a field I had minimal experience in. It is a rationally structured collection of high quality material and resources for every aspect of the job search — figuring out what you want to do, growing your experience, crafting top notch resumes, interviewing, and negotiating salary. You are also introduced to non-traditional, highly-effective methods for landing a job, such as making connections from scratch within a company and landing a referral from within (yes it is possible, I did it myself!). "

Ioannis Python Developer

From Laid Off To “Making More Money Than Ever Before”

"I was laid off in March of 2020 due to COVID-19. At the time it was the best job I had been in since I graduated college, which made it that much more devastating….I am now a customer success manager for a prominent software/technology company and will be making more money than I ever have before (about a 15% increase from my previous role. If it weren’t for Austin’s course, this door would have never been opened and for that."

Cole Customer Success Manager

From “Inconsistent Clients” To Two New Projects

"I was doing OK in my consulting business, but incoming client work was inconsistent. I just landed two new contract projects with an agency, just the type of work I was seeking. Austin and Cultivated Culture share ideas that are highly valuable and applicable regardless of what kind of transition you’re managing. I recommend him to members of my networking groups frequently."

Daniel Creative Director

Zarwah Lands A Higher Salary At Her “First Choice” Company

"Using Austin’s very effective strategies, I was able to get interviews not only at my first choice of companies but several others. I gave start performance interviews and negotiated a higher salary. It sounds a bit too good to be true, so I admit I started with a bit of skepticism. However, if you truly wish to make a change, you really need to try Cultivated Culture methodologies…I highly recommend working with Austin, it will completely change your perspective."

Zarwah Technical Program Manager

Jen Make “Big Pivot” From Consulting To Facebook

"Austin’s advice helped me successfully navigated 5 interviews at Facebook which resulted in an offer for a position as a Client Solutions Manager, a big pivot from my current job as a management consultant!"

"*Jen asked us to use a pseudonym"

Jen Client Solutions Manager

Mason Expected A Cut, But Lands A Raise

"I landed a job as a Jr. PM. For a bit it looked like I might have had to settle for a $15k/year cut, but with Austin’s help I scored a $5k/year raise. The new job is letting me work from home with the exception of the first four work days per month, when I will fly out and work face-to-face with the client"

Mason Project Manager

Marquis Scores A New Offer With A 20% Raise

"Austin your approach to proving value to desired organizations has been life changing. Now I'm an IT Admin making 20% more than in my previous role!"

Marquis Information Technology Administrator

Aatif Lands At Facebook With A Higher Salary

"My name is Aatif and I am a Product Launch Operations Project Manager at Facebook. I wanted to write a quick review for Austin’s Dream Job System (DJS) and how it’s helped me in my job search. A few months ago I was really struggling with my career. I knew I wanted to pivot into Tech, but I lost hope from all the rejections that were coming my way. It seemed like my resume would go into a blackhole when applying online and when I did get an interview - I would struggle conveying my value. I wasn’t sure what to do and that’s when I found Austin. I consulted with Austin & went through his comprehensive course. He helped me learn the ins & outs of how to network, statistically guarantee myself an offer, and build strong relationships. What stood out to me was: the science backed techniques that he shows to build rapport with interviewers, his easy-to-follow system to keep yourself on track to landing multiple offers, and the awesome tools he provides to beat Applicant Tracking System (ATS). After Implementing Austin’s strategies I was able to land the opportunity of a lifetime! "

Aatif Product Launch Operations

Mollie Goes From Unemployed To Dream Job At AMEX

"I partnered with Cultivated Culture after exhausting a few other coaches and simply having an "aha" moment after connecting with Austin. I didn't initially realize how much I needed a program until I started learning things that I didn't know I needed in today's world of job searching. This program has given me the confidence to reach out to people blindly to network and has also prepared me for interviewing and anything else that has come my way. Having the modules is especially helpful as I can always go back to them when I need a refresher! Thank you for putting together such an inclusive program that has gotten me up to speed after being out of the loop for some time."

Mollie Meeting Manager

Christina Goes From Unemployed To Project Manager With A 25% Raise

" I joined Cultivated Culture when I was unemployed and looking for a PM role at a flexible company. The networking and VIP calls were goldmines for me. They helped me develop my own approach to networking that resulted in an amazing job with a 25% raise over what I was making in my previous full time role."

Christina Project Manager

Hesitant Interviewer to Interview Expert (Lands Amazon Dream Job)

"The biggest change in the job hunt was preparing for tech interviews coming from a management consulting background and “closing” with an upbeat and informative description of past experiences. Forrest from Cultivated Culture was an outstanding Coach! He was responsive, attentive and gave me real advice that upped my game and helped get the offer! He also offered great feedback with a tight turnaround in an intensive process. I think he accurately identified areas of improvement to beat out very tough competition for a position with Amazon, representing a life-changing increase in base salary."

Andy Sr. Product Manager

Kendra Lands Dream Job & Triples Salary

"Cultivated Culture helped me land my dream job at my #1 company without applying online. I didn't think I'd do this for another 10 years!...From when I started to today, my salary has tripled. Everything Cultivated Culture said it would do for me happened."

Kendra Sr. Solutions Consultant

Karina Goes From Unemployed To 2 Dream Job Offers In 70 Days

"Working with Adriana was a game changer. It saved me...Within two months of working with her, I turned my situation around. I WON'T be losing my house, and I'm fortunate enough to have gotten two different opportunities to choose from. The new role I've accepted has amazing benefits, is 100% remote, and has unlimited PTO...Because of Adriana and the team at Cultivated Culture, I now have a career as opposed to a couple of odd jobs on my resume that I landed by luck. I even have a few sessions left over that I plan to use to negotiate a raise or next move, and will be taking advantage of the group calls and email support that the team provides even after landing an opportunity."

KARINA Senior Manager, Operations

Kyle Uses a Targeted Resume to Land Offer at Top Company

"The biggest challenge I was facing was landing interviews for jobs that I was interested in. I didn't understand why I kept being overlooked, so I turned to Cultivated Culture for help. Forrest walked me through my resume and helped me update it to highlight my accomplishments at my prior jobs with defined results. No longer was I just listing out my responsibilities, but rather showing the value that I would bring to the companies that I was applying to. With my updated resume and the tools and resources provided in the program, I received a job offer at my top company!"

Kyle VP, Investor Relations

Yuping Goes From No Interviews to 2 a Week and Dream Offer

"Before discovering Cultivated Culture, my job search was challenging, and I struggled to secure interviews. Everything changed when I started working with my coach, Adriana. She guided me in crafting a standout resume tailored specifically for my ideal role. Additionally, Adriana assisted me in drafting networking letters aimed at key individuals within target companies. This personalized approach resulted in me landing at least two interviews a week, ultimately leading to a job offer in June."

Yuping Asst. General Manager

“Voice of Compassion and Accountability Partner”

"One of the biggest challenges for me in job hunting is how overwhelming it all is. I felt so unmotivated. Forrest worked as the perfect accountability buddy. As someone uniquely acquainted with the hiring process, he helped me break down my to-do list in a way that made it more manageable. Together we perfected my resume and LinkedIn and did a mock interview to get me started again. He was also a sanity check and a voice of compassion when I was overthinking outreach and rejections. It helps to have someone who knows what it looks like on the hiring side of things. The most valuable part of coaching was having someone to report to and give me feedback on my outreach emails, resume, interview answers, as well as answer my questions no matter how silly they seemed. I'd absolutely recommend this program."

Liesl Marketing Specialist
Cultivated Culture
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