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"When I started looking for jobs, I thought there was something wrong with me."

Graeme Austen - Founder, Cultivated Culture

What if there was a proven formula for landing your dream job offer and salary regardless of your experience, your degree, or how many "connections" you have?

Triple your salary over the next 12 months? Not a problem.

Work at a top company like Google, Apple, Microsoft or Facebook? Absolutely.

Doing all that with no experience in that industry and a completely unrelated degree? Yup!

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Contrary to what you might think (or what you might have been told) there are proven, step-by-step formulas for reaching these goals.

They aren't very complicated, but they are very hard to find.

My name is Graeme Austen and I am the founder of Cultivated Culture.

Two years ago I was making close to nothing at a job I hated. I was putting 1,500 miles on my car every week, was barely able to afford eating Ramen for breakfast, and was swimming in $10,000 of debt.

I had met and heard of people my age who were already well on their way to success. People who earned top dollar working for the best, and most recognizable, companies in the world. Every night I would ask myself, "How did they do it? What are they doing that I am not?"

I became obsessed with that question over the next 12 months.

I spent my waking hours meeting with, and dissecting, top earners and performers at the world's best companies. I studied their habits, their approach, their routines, and their respective paths to success. I began to discover common threads, repeatable patterns that each of these individuals shared. I used these to craft and plan and then executed it.

Over the next 12 months, I went on 100+ interviews and perfected my process. By the end, I had landed interviews and offers at companies like Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Uber. All using these repeatable formulas.

Cultivated Culture -

In the beginning I was interviewing like crazy, my income was terrible and nothing was working. Once I began implementing these formulas, everything fell into place.

The best part is, the step-by-step process I developed is immediately actionable. You don't need any fancy degrees or credentials, you can literally get started on it the moment you download them.

Oh, and they're totally free :)

Here is a sneak peak at what you'll get once you sign up:​

> The 4 strategies I used to earn a $70,000 raise in 8 months

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