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The Interview

Preparation System

The proven, all-in-one system for crazy effective job interview preparation.

The Interview Preparation System comes with 30+ lessons and 5 hours of content to help you turn your next job interview into a job offer guaranteed.

The Interview Preparation System Has Helped Thousands Of Job Seekers Turn More Interviews Into Dream Job Offers

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Front End Dev

"I used Austin’s interview preparation techniques to rock my interview, and I was offered a position as a front end developer to work for my first choice company."

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Senior Associate

"I managed to get a 90% hike on my new role, using the negotiation strategies Austin shares. For anyone who’s willing to stand out and ensure a guaranteed offer at your dream company, Cultivated Culture is where you’ve got to be!"

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Design Engineer

“I lost my job due to COVID-19 and decided to pursue a new career path. I found Austin’s tools and strategies and decided to dedicate myself to implementing his job search system. Austin helped me land a role at a Fortune 500 company with a non-traditional background and a 39.5% salary hike!”

Those Job Offers Have Come From Companies Like:

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What's Inside The Interview Preparation System?

The IPS course is broken down into 5 modules with 30+ lessons (including all examples, templates, and scripts you need). Here's an overview of each:

IPS Module #1

Module #1: An Introduction To The IPS Course

Welcome! The First Section Will Give You An Overview Of Our Interview Preparation Philosophy And Show You How To Make The Most Of The Content.

  • An Introduction To The Interview Preparation System
  • Discover The Real Reason Companies Hire (No One's Told You This)
  • Learn How To Effectively Use This Course For Your Interview Timing 
IPS Module #2

Module #2: Preparing Your Foundational Stories & Examples

90% Of Interviews Are Made Up Of The Same Core Questions. Learn How To Prepare For Them In This Module.

  • Discover The Core Interview Questions Asked In 90% Of Interviews
  • Learn The 3 Part Anatomy Of A Great Answer (With Examples)
  • Get Step-By-Step Breakdowns & Examples For The 8 Core Interview Questions
  • Non-Traditional Background? No Problem! Learn How To Make It An Advantage
  • Learn My Psychology-Backed Schedule For Revising, Rehearsing, & Memorizing Your Answers
IPS Module #3

Module #3: Personalizing Your Content To Your Target Company

Companies Want To Hire People Who "Get" Their Needs. This Module Will Teach You Exactly How To "Show Them You Know Them!"

  • Discover 5 Ways To Learn Everything About Public Companies
  • Learn 5 Ways To Uncover Everything About Private Companies
  • Steal My Framework For Learning Everything About Your Interviewers
  • My 15 Minute Formula For Personalizing Your Interview Answers To The Company
  • A Simple Trick That Will Let You Learn Every Question You Might Be Asked
  • My Proven Strategy For Handling Open Ended "Case Study" Questions Like An Expert
IPS Module #4

Module #4: Psychology-Backed Interview Day Tactics

Leverage Research-Backed Tips To Reduce Stress, Gain Confidence, & Build Rapport On Interview Day.

  • How To Become An "Active" Interviewer To Win The Offer
  • Learn One Strategy To Calm Your Nerves In 5-10 Minutes
  • Master Interview Small Talk To Immediately Build Rapport
  • Discover 7+ Questions To Ask Your Interviewer That Will Make You Unforgettable
IPS Module #5

Module #5: Going Above & Beyond To Win The Job Offer

Take Things To The Next Level, Set Yourself Apart From The Competition, & Win That Job Offer.

  • Learn How To Send A Job-Winning Thank You (With Templates & Examples)
  • Dive Into My Value Validation Project Strategy For Winning More Job Offers
  • Learn How To Turn Rejections Into Future Job Offers

More Interview Success Stories

From Minnesota To Europe With Multiple Six Figure Offers

Anton | Principle Sales

"I Landed My Dream Job. What I Found Most Valuable Was The Interview Prep."

Austin | Senior Financial Consultant

Who Am I & Why Am I Qualified To Share Advice On Job Interviews?

My name is Austin Belcak and I teach a community of 1.5+ million job seekers how to land their dream job without applying online. My interview preparation process is based on 7+ years of experience, stemming from my own transition.

I graduated college with a biology degree, a 2.58 GPA, and a job in healthcare. My dream? To transition into tech and work at a FAANG-tier company.

I spent the next 1.5 years interviewing with 100+ people at over 50 different companies. I brought a new idea, experiment, or strategy with me to every single conversation and I tracked my outcomes. My sole focus was to tear apart the interview process so I could understand how it worked and what would make companies choose to hire me.

The result? A process that led to final round interviews at Google, Microsoft, and Twitter along with an offer from Microsoft with a $70,000+ raise.

After starting Cultivated Culture, I had the opportunity to test and refine my interview preparation process across thousands of job seekers who I coached to offers at some of the world's best companies.

The Interview Preparation System course is the culmination of all that experience. It includes over 30 lessons and 5 hours of content that is entirely based on the 7+ years of data I've accrued in my own job search and from the thousands of job seekers who have come to us for interview help.

It will teach you a proven, step-by-step process that you'll be able to use to covert more of your interviews into dream job offers and salaries.

See you inside!

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Try IPS Risk-Free With Our Guarantee!

30 Day Guarantee

Preparing for interviews is a lot of work. But if you're committed to doing that work, we guarantee that you'll be happy with the results you get from the Interview Preparation System.

To back that up, we offer a 30 Day Satisfaction & Money Back Guarantee.

What's that mean?

If you commit to doing the work outlined in the course, we promise that you'll be happy and confident with the results you get from your interview prep.

Since it's impossible to get better results without actually doing the work, we simply as that you share a few of the completed assignments from the course to show that you gave the material a good faith effort. You can learn more about the guarantee in the course terms here.

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Get Lifetime Access To
The Interview Preparation System

Learn my proven system for turning more interviews into dream job offers (that pay you what you're worth!):

  • 30+ Lessons Covering My Full Interview Preparation System
  • All The Interview Templates, Examples, & Scripts You Need
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Pro Tips, Bonuses, & More!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The IPS Course For?

The Interview Preparation System is for anyone who wants a step-by-step system that they can follow to ensure that they maximize their chances of converting their next job interview into a dream job offer.

What If My Interview Is Tomorrow? Or In A Few Days?

Congrats on the interview! We've got you covered. There's a lesson in the very first module of the IPS course that will show you how to use the course if your interview is in the next few days or if you haven't landed any interviews yet.

We'll show you exactly how to leverage the content to make sure you can be as efficient and effective as possible with your preparation whether your interview is tomorrow or more than two weeks from now.

How Does Your Interview Preparation Process Work?

Our interview preparation process leverages two core components: The 80/20 rule and the power of personalization.

After interviewing with 50+ companies, I realized that 80%-90% of the questions I was asked were the same in each interview. Questions like "Tell Me About Yourself," "What's You Biggest Weakness," etc. I realized that if I focused the majority of my energy and preparation on answering those questions, I would be prepared for the vast majority of interviews I went on in the future.

But that wasn't quite enough. See, companies don't really care about your background. They care about understanding whether or not you "get" the goal for this role and can deliver on them. Too many candidates focus their answers and stories on themselves, not on the role and the company.

With my foundation of core answer in place, I freed up time for research and personalization when I actually landed a formal interview. I used the information from my research to personalize my stories and interview answers so they spoke directly to the company's needs.

This process skyrocketed my confidence going into these interviews and it worked too! It helped me land a massive raise and it's helped many of our clients see the same results.

How Do I Know The Playbook Includes The Templates I Need?

This course is built on 7+ years of personal job search experience and experience coaching thousands of job seekers just like you. I have seen every single interview question under the sun, but trying to prepare for all of them is a waste of time. Instead, this course includes strategies, example answers, and templates to the questions you're going to get in 90% of the interviews you go on.

Additionally, I'm going to teach you the principles behind crafting great answers as well as ways to identify all the questions you might be asked ahead of time.

By the time you make it through this course, you're going to have answers to every single question you might run into.

Tell Me More About The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I never want you to pay for something that you're not happy with. That's not how we do business at Cultivated Culture. With that in mind, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with the IPS course.

That means that, if you do the work, give this a good faith effort, and aren't happy with where you're at in terms of interview preparation by the end of the month? I'll refund you every penny.

Successful interview preparation requires a lot of work though, and we ask that you commit to doing that work when you sign up for the course. If you do request a refund, we ask that you provide some of the work you did in order to showcase that good faith effort. That includes:

  • Answer drafts for the core interview questions outlined in Module #2
  • Completing more than 50% of the course in the first 30 days (by marking the lessons as complete)
  • Reaching out to our team with at least one question or issue before asking for a refund

You can learn more about the guarantee by reading the course terms here.

Note: If you do not have time to take this course or if the course is not in your budget, we recommend that you don't sign up for it. We're not able to offer any refunds for those circumstances.

Giving Back With The Interview Preparation System

Giving back is a huge part of the Cultivated Culture mission. While there are many, many ways to do that, we focus on two: Climate Change and Mental Health.

We plant one tree for every single Interview Preparation System course we sell 🌲

Additionally, Cultivated Culture donates a portion of its gross profits to support the following organizations:

National Forest Foundation Logo
Tradewater Logo
Movember Logo

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