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7 Cultivated Culture Client Success Stories

My goal with Cultivated Culture is to teach you how to land a job you love without traditional experience and without applying online.

I've helped thousands of job seekers (just like you) land jobs at the world's best companies. Places like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Salesforce, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Sequoia Capital, & more.

The people I work with aren't just “satisfied.” They see real results that accelerated their careers across industries, roles, and levels of experience.

Here are a few of their stories:

Jasleen Landed A Program Manager Role In 2 Months, With H1-B Visa Sponsorship – During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Name: Jasleen

Industry: SaaS / Tech

Job: Program Manager at Intuit

Jasleen's Words:

“I am a single mom with a 9-year-old daughter and was on the H-1B visa filed by my company. I had two options. Either I can stay with the same company and compromise on my passion to learn and work or I can decide to make a change, take a risk and move up the ladder.

In the month of Feb 2020, as I was working on my normal schedule something in my heart said now or never and I decided to quit my job. It was one of the riskiest decisions I have ever made to fulfill my dreams and keep the passion for work alive. I was confident that given my skill sets and the time to prepare I will find what I was looking for. I had two months to find the right job, take the offer and file for H-1B sponsorship. This was a task next to impossible. Suddenly, COVID-19 came and my situation worsened. I wasn’t sure what to do and that’s when a friend of mine introduced me to Austin.

With a lot of hard work and Austin’s guidance, I was able to get an offer from Intuit with a 30% raise in my salary during the COVID-19 crisis and an H-1B sponsorship.”


Anton Changed Industries, Moved From Minneapolis To Amsterdam, & Landed A Six Figure Salary

Name: Anton

Industry: Sales / Information Technology

Job: Principle Sales Specialist at IHS Markit

Anton's Words:

“The second that I signed up with Austin, I realized that I had a lot of gaps in my own interview skills. I worked on these and within 2 months I landed 3 final round interviews with absolutely fantastic companies paying me WAY upwards of six figures.


David Landed A Job Halfway Across The Country With A $5,000 Raise

Name: David

Industry: Digital Marketing / Consulting

Job: Senior Account Director at dig

David's Words:

“Following Austin's system led to a job doing something I’m passionate about working with clients and colleagues I really enjoy, all while netting a $5,000 (read “$15,000” based on my new cost of living) salary increase and working significantly fewer hours.

The return on investment alone ($500 upfront cost for a $5,000 return= 1000% ROI) makes this course worth every penny, and that’s not even accounting for the tremendous lifestyle difference and joy I have from having a job that I look forward to doing all while having more time to spend with my family!”


Josh Landed A Senior Biz Dev Manager Role In A Brand New City

Name: Josh

Industry: Sales

Job: Senior Business Development Manager

Josh's Words: 


Paula Went From Laid Off To Job Offer In 17 Days

Name: Paula

Industry: Public Relations & Marketing, Health & Wellness

Job: Global Head of PR & Content Marketing at Gympass (formerly Director of Commercial & Provider Marketing at Talkspace)

Paula's Words:

“Last year I went on vacation and when I came back on the Tuesday after Christmas, my boss reached out to me and said, ‘are you available to talk?' I said I was and he told we were having cash problems and he wouldn't be able to afford me or the entire team in the new year so our last day would be Friday…

Looking for a job [this] time was a bit different because there was a time crunch. [After taking Austin's course] I was kind of a pro at cold emailing so I started reaching out and applying…and then I had two offers! One for the SEO side…and then I have this offer for a very high position from [Talkspace].  

That all happened in two weeks, I would say 17 days tops…I ended up make a lot more money than I would have otherwise.”



Chris Lands Twos Internships At Disney & A Big 4 Firm After 196 Total Rejections


Name: Chris

Industry: Analytics

Job: Analytics Intern at Disney

Chris's Words: 

“I'm your average, typical college student without any real industry connections. My freshman year I did the usual stuff that I thought would get me a good internship — have a good GPA, join clubs/extracurriculars, and applied to a lot of companies online.

I quickly realized that wasn't working because everyone else was doing the same thing. On top of that, being a foreigner, it was even more difficult because not many companies were willing to sponsor visas.

I started leveraging Austin's strategies to revamp my LinkedIn as well as put together a Value Validation Project. I did a lot of research on Disney and I made a pitch deck consisting of recommendations and business opportunities that Disney could capitalize on. It definitely helped me stand out from the 500+ other applicants and win the offer.”



Martin Landed Offers at PagerDuty, SAP, & Qualtrics

Name: Martin

Industry: SaaS / Cloud Sales

Job: Business Development