The Dream Job System 2.0™ is a proven, all-in-one system for landing a job you love without traditional “experience” and without applying online.

Dream Job System students have landed jobs at places like…

Ben F.

“Thanks to Austin’s DJS strategies, I was able to land multiple offers all worth $100k+ in 3 months!”

Amyr Headshot Fro Testimonial
Amyr H.

“Austin’s DJS course helped me land an offer at a Fortune 30 tech company with a $40,000 raise. If I hadn’t found it, I’d probably be doing a masters in some boring field right now.”

Becky Headshot
Becky A.

“Austin has helped me score amazing offers in TWO job searches now. His advice is golden!”

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Are you stuck in a job that doesn’t make you happy, doesn’t pay you what you’re worth, and doesn’t have any opportunities for growth?

Are you ready to make the jump to a new career that challenges you, pays you what you’re worth, and offers you opportunities to grow while giving you the flexibility you need to live your life?

Whenever I ask people this question, the answer is an emphatic “YES!” However, most of them never end up making any progress.

Why? The answer boils down to one simple reason…

Everyone goes about the job search process the exact same way. Check this out:

In a recent LinkedIn survey on talent trends, 1 in 3 employees said they were actively looking for new work. The population of employed people in the US was 124 million. That means that, at any given time, 41 MILLION people are actively searching for a new job.

But not everyone who applies gets the job. In fact, less than 0.5% of people get hired.

The other 99.5% are stuck in the vicious cycle of application, conversation, rejection, repeat.

I know all too well because I was one of those people. Part of the 99.5%.


I’ve helped thousands of job seekers from different backgrounds and levels of experience lands jobs they love without applying online. Here are few of the places where my job search strategies have been featured:

A few years ago I was stuck in a job I absolutely hated. I was waking at 3:30am six days a week to be at work on time. My boss treated me like complete crap. I was making next to nothing and, as a result, I racked up over $10,000 of credit card debt.

I had to get out.

I started applying online to 5 companies every day. Soon I had upped it to 10. I figured that if I threw enough applications out there, one of them would work out. I didn’t even care if I liked the job or not because I would have taken anything that got me out of my current situation.

Not a single company got back to me. Not one.

If I finally made it to the interview phase (by dumb luck or through family friends), I was consistently told that they were moving forward with another candidate.

By the end I applied to over 100 jobs and didn’t land a single one. I didn’t understand why until months later...

It was because I was going about the job search process like everyone else.

The cookie-cutter strategies simply don’t work.

It may sound crazy, but everything you’ve learned about getting a job in the past is wrong. It's a tough pill to swallow because we usually get advice from people we care about and look up to - our friends, families, and teachers.

Even the advice that so-called “career experts” give is completely off base. For example...

They tell us to “find our passion.” Wrong.

They tells us that we need to “pay our dues” before we can move up. Wrong.

They tell us that if we “work hard” that everything will work out. Wrong (what does “work hard” even mean in this context?).

Then, after you’ve busted your ass and still haven’t seen results, they tell you to try harder - send out even more resumes, apply to more jobs. Wrong, wrong, wrong!

The worst part is, we’ve been conditioned to take this advice as gospel. After all, it’s the advice that our parents, our friends, and the “experts” all give. Who could blame you for thinking that you were on the right path?

Nothing is more frustrating that believing that you’re doing everything right and not getting any results.

But what are you supposed to do instead?


After spending several months following everyone else’s advice, I decided to try something different. Thus, my personal mantra was born: “Only take advice from people who already have what you want.”

I started by writing down the criteria for the career I wanted to have, the one I knew I deserved:

Working at a world class company like Google, Microsoft, or Facebook

Making over

Living in a big city like New York or LA

Achieving these goals before the age of 26

Over the next 6 months, I found as many people I could that fit the criteria. I reached out to them and picked their brains. As I spoke to more and more of these top performers, patterns started to emerge.

I began to see that these people weren’t necessarily smarter than their peers. They just had a different approach. They completely ignored the traditional advice. Instead, they forged their own rules for how the job search game should be played and it completely set them apart from everyone else.

Using the knowledge I gained, I developed a job search strategy that allowed me to go from a medical device salesperson making $42,000 with 1 year of professional experience to getting interviews and offers from Google, Microsoft & Twitter along with a salary of $160,000+ after being in the workforce for less than 3 years.

Hang on…did you catch that?

From $42,000 to $160,000+ in less than 2 years.


Check this out:

Austin Belcak Career Trajectory Graph

Before this system, I was applying for jobs like everyone else. I applied to over 300 jobs and the result was a marginal bump in salary.

After applying the Dream Job System™, I was landing interviews left and right and my offer rate skyrocketed (along with my salary!). I was able to focus on companies that I truly wanted to work for and they were willing to pay me what I knew I deserved.


You apply for dozens of jobs online, but never hear anything back (except for the occasional rejection)
You feel "stuck" in an underpaid job with no opportunity for growth, promotion, or development
You want to change industries but you feel like you don't have enough "experience" or that you're not "qualified"
You have no idea how to make "connections" or network with the right people (and you hate "networking events")
You just don't know what you want to do with your life or career yet
You feel like you're doing everything "right," following all of the expert advice, but you're still not getting any results
If any of those hit too close to home, it’s time to take action. I’m going to help you break through that barrier right here, right now.


The Dream Job System™ is a proven, plug-and-play system that can be used across industries. I developed it by:

Applying to 300+ jobs and going on 50+ job interviews, A/B testing strategies throughout each part of the process: application, interview, salary negotiation, etc.

Taking social & behavioral psychology courses to understand how recruiters and hiring managers think in order to find loopholes that I could exploit.

Spoke to over 30 people who met my 4 criteria: making $100k+, lived in a big city, were under 25 (if they didn’t have 5+ years of experience you don’t need to either), had the flexibility to work anywhere.

This experience gave me a deep understand of the hiring process from end-to-end, and allowed me to develop a formula that actually gets results instead of following the beaten path you’re “supposed” to take. By the end, I knew:

  1. Exactly what to put on my resume to make sure that it not only got read, but made recruiters excited to reach out to me
  2. Build relationships with high profile influencers who referred me into roles and advocated for me throughout the entire interview process
  3. The exact answers I needed to use to make interviews love me – not only what to say, but when and how to say it
  4. How to spin my non-traditional background as a HUGE advantage (I didn’t have the “right” college degree, a good GPA, or industry experience. I was an outsider.)
  5. Negotiation strategies that the best salespeople in the world use to close hundreds of millions of dollars of business each year in the most competitive industries, which allowed me to increase my salary 200%+

These strategies haven’t just worked for me either. I’ve coached people and helped them land interviews and offers at places like:


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When Jared reached out to me he was living in DC and fed up with his current job. He was working as an individual contributor in customer service and had hit a ceiling. There was no more room for growth at his company and he was being paid way less than he deserved.

His dream was not only to change job functions and cities, he wanted to jump straight into a management role (with no prior management experience) AND score a raise while he was at it. Here’s what happened:

“When I decided that I was going to move from DC to NYC and switch industries for the first time, I knew it was going to be hard. After reading Austin’s blog posts and emails about finding my dream job, I promised myself that I wouldn’t throw my resume down the black hole of applying online.

I used Austin’s awesome scripts to reach out to people in my desired industry & learn more about what challenges they faced. This preparation led me to accepting my dream job. In fact, at the end of the process, my interviewers literally said “We’re not used to this level of preparation from our candidates…I haven’t seen this in 10 years of interviewing!”

After 6 weeks of this process, I ended up with two offers at higher salaries than my previous job without “applying” online once.”

JARED Director of Client Services, 1HUDDLE


How much money do you make right now? $35,000

Based on our data, Dream Job System™ members see an average salary increase of 36%-44%:
  • At 36% Salary Increase
    Your investment in DJS will land you a
    $12,600 increase in salary
  • At 44% Salary Increase
    Your investment in DJS will land you a
    $15,400 increase in salary


DJS comes with 9 modules, 70+ videos, 2 bonuses, and 25+ hours of content. Here’s a breakdown of what you get with each module:

Module #1


  • Introduction & what to expect from the course
  • Discover why 99% of people fail to land jobs they love
  • Reveal my 7 step “Dream Job System Blueprint
  • Leverage my “Find Your Why” formula to discover the right career path and role for you (even if you have no idea what you want to do!) [Templates Included]

Module #2


  • Learn how to transform your resume into an interview generating machine
  • Revealing my proprietary process for writing highly effective resumes that both ATS systems and hiring managers love
  • Discover how to choose the right resume template, identify the right resume keywords, leverage formatting, & writing value-driven resume bullets [9+ Templates Included]

Module #3


  • Answering the question of “do Cover Letters still matter?”
  • Learn my 3 step framework for writing a crazy effective cover letter in 30 minutes
  • Breakdown of real Cover Letters from real people who landed jobs at companies like Google, etc.
  • Access to my proven Cover Letter Template [2 Examples Included]

Module #4


  • Discover how to statistically guarantee yourself a job offer using my “Pipeline Technique[Template Included]
  • Use my “Dream Role Profile” to score the roles you find vs. your values and your career goals [Scorecard Included]
  • Learn how to identify target companies that will be scrambling to hire you
  • Learn how to identify contacts who can influence your ability to get hired at those target companies
  • Deep dive into my research process for learning everything about public & private companies

Module #5


  • Discover my 5 research-backed relationship building principles
  • Leverage the 90:9:1 Rule for starting strong relationships
  • Learn my process for become a highly effective cold emailer [Templates Included]
  • Break down the 5 most effective relationship building strategies, including my “Goal Getter,” “Show Me You Know Me,” & “Testimonial Method” tactics
  • How to use the Dream 50 technique to turn total strangers into referrals and advocates [Worksheet Included]

Module #6


  • Discover the single most effective tactic for landing a dream job (this is my “secret sauce!”)
  • Create a project that makes your value irresistible and crystal clear to recruiters and hiring managers
  • Learn 5 unique ways to come up with a killer Value Validation Project idea
  • Break down my process for creating an high quality Value Validation Project for free!
  • Deep dive into 5+ Value Validation Project Examples from real students at companies like Microsoft, Instagram, AirBnB, Twitter, & more [Projects Included]

Module #7


  • Revealing the science behind my research-backed interview preparation strategy
  • Discover the 8 core interview questions you’ll be asked in 90% of interviews
  • Learn how to craft and deliver interview answers that will blow your interviewer away [Examples Included]
  • Proven frameworks for answering trick questions like What’s Your Biggest Weakness?, Tell Me About Yourself?, and Why Do You Want To Work Here? [Templates Included]
  • Learn the secret to “turning the tables” and using your non-traditional background as an advantage over other candidates

Module #8


Discover my framework for learning every goal, initiative, & challenge your target company has

Learn how to research your interviews and align your answers to their preferences, personality, and goals

Revealing a tactic that will help you discovery every question you might be asked, before you walk into the interview room

Breakdown of my proven strategy for answering open-ended “Case Study” questions like “How Many Golf Balls Can Fit Inside of a 747 Airplane?” or “If You Had To Charge For Gmail, How Would You Do It?”


Module #9


  • Discovery my favorite tip for busting pre-interview nerves (in less than 10 minutes!)
  • Learn how 3 simple principles of behavioral psychology will allow you to get inside your interviewer’s brain and help you build a strong relationship with them
  • Utilizing Conversation Ratio to leave a positive impression on your interviewer down to the molecular level (seriously…I’ll show you the science behind it)
  • Illustrating how The Recency Effect can allow you to choose exactly what our interview remembers about you
  • 5 psychologically-rooted questions I asked every interviewer and the breakdown of why they are so powerful [Templates Included]

Module #10


  • Learn the salary negotiation strategies that DJS students have used to boost their salaries by an average of 36% – 44%
  • Leverage a simple framework to control the conversation when your future employer asks about your salary expectations
  • Discover the different types of negotiators and the specialized techniques you can use to be successful with each type
  • Share other forms of compensations that you can negotiate beyond salary (that might actually be worth more!)
Dream Job System Private LinkedIn Group



As a member of any level of the Dream Job System, you’ll get access to the private DJS Community. Accountability and support are absolutely crucial to success when it comes to job searching and I built both aspects into the heart of this course.

  • Join a community of 500+ like-minded people who are going through the exact same process, with the exact same goals. Bonus: No judgement or outdated advice!
  • Get access to weekly goal setting and accountability checks
  • Help break through any barriers or obstacles you face throughout the job search process by tapping into a network of people who have successfully overcome what you’re struggling with
Resource #4 - DJS Case Studies



($199 Value)

Dive deep into the stories and strategies that real DJS students have used to land their dream jobs:

  • Nicky: Landing A Job At Google (After 8 Prior Rejections)
  • Paula: From Laid Off To Marketing Director In 17 Days
  • Rick: From Service Delivery Manager To Front End Developer
  • Joseph: From Microbiology > Finance > Block Chain
  • Heather: From unemployed for 2 years to dream job that pays double!
  • Plus many more!



($1,000+ Value)

VIP level DJS students get access to personalized coaching to help them get better, faster results!

  • VIP members get a live, 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with Forrest, our Senior Career Strategist
  • VIP members also get access to 1 hour of live group coaching every single month
  • These sessions can be used to cover anything and everything! Resumes, relationships, VVPs, interviews, and more.



($997 Value)

Over the years, I’ve hosted several virtual summits where I brought together some of the biggest names in career development, entrepreneurship, & leadership. These people sat down & shared their stories, strategies, & secrets to success. As a VIP DJS student you’ll have lifetime, on-demand access to every single session including:

  • How to build a $100,000+ business on the side (even if you don’t have an idea)
  • Strategies from a money expert on growing your net worth and rapidly paying off debt
  • The secrets to landing a six figure job as an immigrant in the United States
  • Professional Jet Setting – how to get paid to travel the world without quitting your job
  • How to use your non-traditional background as an advantage to beat the competition
  • 25 more game changing sessions you can watch any time, anywhere

BONUS # 1:


($197 Value)

Learn the techniques & strategies that international candidates have used to land six figure jobs in the United States. Including:

  • A simple trick to figure out which companies are visa “helpers,” i.e. are willing to help you navigate the process and gladly pay for the sponsorship
  • Answering the question of when you should bring it up during the interview process (at the beginning, after the phone screen, or maybe after the final round interview? I’ll show you.)
  • How to decide which visa is right for you (and will be easiest to obtain)
Austin Working Remotely

BONUS # 2:


($197 Value)

Did you know that commuting costs the average employee close to 200 hours and $5,000 each year? Ditch your cubicle with this module and start taking control on your free time. What could you do with an extra 200 hours?

  • Start a side business and generate more income
  • Travel the world and work from different countries
  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Learn a language or start a new hobby
Value Validation Start Pack Product Image



($79 Value)

VVPs are the closest thing I’ve found to a silver bullet in the job search.

In addition to all of the content you get in the DJS course, you’ll also get access to my VVP Starter Kit which include:

  • The Editable VVP Slide Deck Template I use with all my clients
  • 4 Examples of VVPs for real companies and real situations (highlight an opportunity, solving a challenge, highlighting past experience, and asking for a promotion or raise)
Job Search Email Playbook Stack Product Image

Bonus #4:


($37 Value)

The Job Search Email Playbook is my complete guide to job search communication. It comes with:

  • 25+ Email Templates & Examples For Every Job Search Scenario
  • 5+ Data-Backed Tips For Boosting Your Email Response Rates
  • Austin’s Proven Cold Email Testing Methodology
  • Pro Tips, Bonuses, & More!


Paula is an immigrant from Brazil who had made her way to the US and was working at an SEO agency. The job was OK, but Paula didn’t feel like her work truly made a difference in people’s live. She wanted to work at a company thatprioritized tackling humanitarian issues as well as profitability and she felt stuck.

After we met, Paula flawlessly executed the DJS process to land her dream job at a company that sold water bottles and, for every bottle sold, provided 5 years of clean water to people in developing countries.

Paula worked at this company for a few months before taking her first vacation. When she got home, she found an email from her boss that said “we need to talk.” The startup was having funding issues and the CEO was laying off the entire workforce. Paula’s last day was 3 days later.

While the situation was stressful, Paula already knew what she had to do. She took the same strategies she learned from DJS to get her name out there and land a job as a Director of Marketing less than 3 weeks later. Here’s a quick video of her story:


“When I met Austin, I was unemployed and needed visa sponsorship in the next two months. Austin’s system helped me land a Program Manager role at Intuit, with a 30% raise, and H1-B sponsorship — in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.”


Program Manager at Intuit

“Within 2 months I landed 3 final round interviews with absolutely fantastic companies paying me WAY upwards of six figures. I was able to transition from Minneapolis to an amazing job in Amsterdam.”


Principle Sales Specialist at IHS Markit

“I leveraged Austin’s advice to create a Value Validation Project that helped me land two offers at Disney as well as offers from Big 4 firms, despite being rejected 196 total times in the past.”


Analytics at Disney

“You’re probably wondering why the heck I’m making a video of myself…It’s because I need to recommend Austin Belcak. After Austin and I started working together, I landed a job as a Senior Business Dev Manager.”


Senior Biz Dev Manager at WalkMe

“Austin changed my life. I was a firefighter with no degree working two blue collar jobs. Austin helped me make the jump into software sales with a $10k raise despite having no ‘traditional’ experience and no college degree.”


Sales Development at SalesLoft

“All of the insights that Austin offered paid off 8x in the first year alone. If you’re wondering whether or not this investment will be worth it, I was in your shoes making the same decision. Trust me, it’s absolutely worth it.”


Senior Financial Consultant

“I can’t express enough gratitude to Austin for the impact he has had on my career growth! His advice helped me SKYROCKET my career development. Following his strategies, I landed back-to-back six-figure dream jobs!

Both hiring managers told me other candidates were more qualified and had more experience, but they were blown away with how I proved my value and ability to do the job before I got the job.

As Austin says, if you’re depressed and sick of the online job application game, STOP doing that and START following his proven step-by-step formulas.”

JARED Head of B2B Marketing at rewardStyle
Jared Headshot

“I used Austin’s advice to meet individuals at the company I wanted to work for and gain a referral that got me a call back and an interview just 2 days after being referred. I used Austin’s interview preparation techniques to rock my interview, and I was offered a position as a front end developer to work for my first choice company.”

RICK Front End Developer at Red Ventures

“I was totally lost after college. I was stuck in the finance world and absolutely hated it. I wanted take my business background and apply it to the arts, but literally no one would get back to me.

In business school they taught us that there was a specific way you go about looking for jobs so, naturally, I was incredibly skeptical of Austin’s methods.

After working with him and implementing his strategies, I not only scored a job in the art space – I also added $50,000 to my salary. All I can say is…THIS S**T WORKS PEOPLE. I’d recommend Austin to anyone looking to level up their life.”

BEN COO at Choice Fine Art

“Within a matter of weeks following the course the number of responses from cold-contacts I was getting easily doubled (if not more), the number of interviews scheduled skyrocketed, and the quality of the interviews was noticeably improved.

Ultimately, following the DJS system led to a job doing something I’m passionate about working with clients and colleagues I really enjoy, all while netting a $5,000 (read “$15,000” based on my new cost of living) salary increase and working significantly fewer hours.

The return on investment alone ($500 upfront cost for a $5,000 return= 1000% ROI) makes this course worth every penny, and that’s not even accounting for the tremendous lifestyle difference and joy I have from having a job that I look forward to doing all while having more time to spend with my family!”

DAVID Senior Account Director at dig

Austin’s strategies helped me land 3 job offers in 3 weeks! The original offers I got were lower than I was expecting. I used Austin’s salary negotiation techniques and ended up getting a 30% salary increase AND a $5,000 dollar bonus!

CHRIS Executive Director at Capital Analytics
Chris Chapman Headshot

I was trying to make a switch from my current job and was worried about being on student visa. Austin’s material helped me land two job offers in three months, as well as negotiate my compensation up an additional $17,000 from the first offer. This is one of the best investments I have ever made.

ANKITA Data Analyst at Jefferson Health
Ankita Headshot

Deciding to work with Austin was the best decision I’ve ever made. I followed his career guides when I had to relocate from the US to Indonesia. I’ve lost touch with my network in Indonesia after living abroad for 3+ years.

With Austin’s actionable advice, I managed to reconnect with my former managers and they referred and vouched me for several position in big tech companies.

SHABRINA Digital Marketing Manager at Mindshare
Shabrina Headshot

“Austin helped me make the transition from finance into a
Program Manager role at Amazon. The new role came with a
$275,000 compensation package — a 30% increase over my
previous salary.”

AMISH Program Manager at Amazon (*Amish asked me to use a pseudonym)
Amish Headshot

“I lost my job due to COVID-19 and decided to pursue a new career path. I found Austin’s tools and strategies and decided to dedicate myself to implementing his job search system. Austin helped me land a role at a Fortune 500 company with a non-traditional background and a 39.5% salary hike!”

SANCHITA Designer Engineer at Boston Scientific
Sancita Testimonial Headshot

I am so glad that I bought Austin’s DJS course, as it helped me land a great job in a field I had minimal experience in.

It is a rationally structured collection of high quality material and resources for every aspect of the job search — figuring out what you want to do, growing your experience, crafting top notch resumes, interviewing, and negotiating salary. You are also introduced to non-traditional, highly-effective methods for landing a job, such as making connections from scratch within a company and landing a referral from within (yes it is possible, I did it myself!). You also get access to a supportive community of people with the same goals. Keep in mind that the course is not a silver bullet. A lot of time and effort is required in the job search, but if you follow the DJS system, you know you are attacking your problem with the best information, tools and methods available!

IOANNIS Python Developer
Ioannis Headshot

I was laid off in March of 2020 due to COVID-19. At the time it was the best job I had been in since I graduated college, which made it that much more devastating. Like most people when they initiate their job search, I began applying to dozens if not hundreds of positions online. However, it quickly became clear that I was going nowhere fast.

So, I took to LinkedIn and started networking by blindly reaching out to connections that I had gathered over the years. Throughout this process I came across one of Austin’s posts regarding his philosophy when it comes to landing your “dream” role. After some serious research and guidance from Austin himself, I decided to take the plunge and sign up for the DJS course.

One of the things that stood out the most about the DJS system is how Austin stressed that the whole process is simply just a numbers game. It’s in no way complicated but at the end of the day, you do need to put in the work; which I clearly had the time for. That said, after pursuing over 120 opportunities, reaching out (cold) to over 1000 people, and participating in 80+ interviews (informational and actual) I finally landed the role I was looking for.

I am now a customer success manager for a prominent software/technology company and will be making more money than I ever have before (about a 15% increase from my previous role). If it weren’t for Austin’s course, this door would have never been opened and for that I am so happy I decided to become a DJS member.

COLE Customer Success Manager
Cole Headshot

I was doing OK in my consulting business, but incoming client work was inconsistent. One of my clients was giving me some basic projects, but I wanted to do higher-value work for them.

I’d been a subscriber to the Cultivated Culture newsletter for over a year, so I had heard Austin talk about Value Validation Projects many times. I saw an opportunity with my agency client to do just that. I provided them with a proposal idea for unsolicited work. The agency president told me he was “blown away”, and this would help them land new business with their client.

I just landed two new contract projects with that agency, just the type of work I was seeking. I emailed Austin to express my gratitude.
Austin and Cultivated Culture share ideas that are highly valuable and applicable regardless of what kind of transition you’re managing. I recommend him to members of my networking groups

DANIEL Creative Director
Dan Headshot

I wanted to write a quick blurb for Austin talking about the incredible work he’s doing at Cultivated Culture and how his content helped me find a new job after being laid off due to Covid-19.

I was applying online and having several friends / connections refer me to different roles, but NONE of it worked. I received countless automated emails saying they “didn’t want to move forward with my application.” I was demoralized and completely out of sorts. I didn’t know what to do but that’s when I found Austin.

I came across his LinkedIn profile which led to reading as many articles as I could on his website and then ultimately purchasing his Dream Job System Course. I was hesitant to purchase the course due to the cost, but let me tell you, it was the BEST investment I have ever made on myself! Austin’s content is pure gold!

Austin knocked my socks off with his job search approach and strategy and once I got things rolling, I immediately started getting results. I had several interviews lined up, and had recruiters reaching out to ME via LinkedIn multiple times a week!

Without Austin, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. If you’re having a difficult time landing a career you love or simply not having any luck landing interviews, Austin is your guy!

BECKY People Operations at Masterclass
Becky Headshot

I had the great privilege of stumbling across Austin Belcak’s LinkedIn page a few months ago. The timing was serendipitous as I had just started looking for a new job, but was dreading the endless applications on job boards.

As I was working full time and newly enrolled in grad school, I lacked time to send out mindless job applications. Immediately, Cultivated Culture caught my attention. My greatest challenge was to enter a space that was very popular and oversaturated with applicants. You see, I had my eye on a particular company that was growing at a rapid pace in Canada and I found it exciting.

Using Austin’s very effective strategies, I was able to get interviews not only at my first choice of companies but several others. I gave start performance interviews and negotiated a higher salary. It sounds a bit too good to be true, so I admit I started with a bit of skepticism. However, if you truly wish to make a change, you really need to try Cultivated Culture methodologies.

Going through the content, I felt like I was being guided by a trusted friend and mentor. It is not a simple fix to finding a job, it truly changed how I viewed networking, building connections and getting my choice of a rewarding new role.

Thank you Austin for your amazing content and personable approach to guidance. I highly recommend working with Austin, it will completely change your perspective.

ZARWAH Technical Program Manager
Zarwah Headshot

I can’t say enough great things about Austin Belcak and his Dream Job System! I found myself unexpectedly laid off a few months into the pandemic…

My career path was not a typical linear trajectory and I was looking for support in navigating my job search at a time when jobs were scarce and I felt my “age” could be an issue. I had been following Austin on LinkedIn and Instagram and found him to be so down-to-earth, incredibly smart, and always providing amazing advice. After attending his webinar on the DJS, I decided to invest in myself and joined!

DJS is the gift that keeps giving! I was able to work my way through a series of modules that walk you through everything from identifying what is most important to you, to targeting your top companies, to networking, resumes, interviewing, salary negotiation, and the key to it all — a Value Validation Project! The monthly virtual group meeting with Austin was fantastic and gave me the opportunity to ask questions, get advice right from the “source”, and also interact with other DJS job seekers…In the end, it was Austin’s unwavering support during my arduous job search that gave me the encouragement and confidence to continue. His help and input on creating VVPs was invaluable. The DJS resources alone are well worth the price, and the personal access to Austin and the DJS community puts its value over the top. I just started a new marketing job, but in a new industry with an opportunity to focus on the customer, making $35K more in salary, plus bonus, plus extra week vacation! I am so excited! I highly recommend DJS if you are feeling overwhelmed by the job search process and need resources, accountability, and support. DJS is a great investment in yourself and your goals!!

SHARON Marketing Manager, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Sharon Headshot

Within a few sessions of partnering with Cultivated Culture my resume and LinkedIn profile went to a whole new level. I then built relationships with people at my target companies and did ‘value validation’ projects. This approach helped me successfully land multiple exciting job offers. If you’re willing to seek advice and put in the effort to switch to a job you desire, I highly recommend Cultivated Culture!

PRAKASH Data Engineer
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Try The Entire DJS Course Risk Free!

The best part of the whole deal is that DJS is backed by two guarantees: Our 30 day, results-based guarantee and our 3x ROI guarantee.

I am 100% confident that DJS will work for you, but I want YOU to be 100% satisfied with the results you get. If you sign up for the course, do all of the work, and don’t begin to see results within 30 days. In addition, if you complete the entire course and continue to implement the strategies on a consistent basis in your job search, I guarantee the raise you get from a future offer will be worth 3x the price you paid for the course. If neither come true, I’ll refund you every penny.

The course comes in three different tiers that are tailored to different budgets and needs:


Everything you need to land more job interviews.

Six Monthly Payments of
$ 177

  • Modules 1 - 5 of DJS
  • Everything You Need To Begin Landing Interviews Without Applying Online
  • Access to the DJS Private LinkedIn Community
  • 30 Day Results-Based Guarantee
  • 3x ROI Guarantee

The complete Dream Job System™ experience.

Six Monthly Payments of
$ 277

  • Access To The Entire DJS Course (All 10 Modules + Bonuses)
  • Word-For-Word Scripts, Templates, Guides, & Resources
  • Access to the DJS Private LinkedIn Community
  • Access to all 4 Bonuses (A $500+ Value)
  • 30 Day Results-Based Guarantee
  • 3x ROI Guarantee

The complete Dream Job System™ experience plus personalized coaching.

Six Monthly Payments of
$ 367

  • Access To The Entire DJS Course (All 10 Modules + Bonuses)
  • All Word-For-Word Scripts, Templates, Guides, & Resources
  • Access to the DJS Private LinkedIn Community
  • Access to all 4 Bonuses (A $500+ Value)
  • 30 Day Results-Based Guarantee
  • 3x ROI Guarantee
  • Access To The MasterMind Video Vault with 25+ Influencer Interviews
  • 30 Minute One-On-One Coaching Session
  • Live Monthly Group Coaching (1 Hour / Month)


Take DJS Risk-Free!

I promise that this system will work for you. I’ve already mentioned that students who put in the effort and do the work have gone on to land jobs at the world’s best company.

I guarantee that taking this course and following through on the steps inside will increase the number of interviews you land and the amount of job offers you receive.

As a result, Dream Job System is backed by a full 30-day, money back guarantee. If you do the work (that’s bolded on purpose!) and don’t begin to see results within 30 days, I will refund you every penny. Click here read the full terms and refund policy.


DJS Is An Investment That Pays For Itself!

In addition to our 30 day guarantee, we also guarantee your ROI for The Dream Job System 2.0™ course.

If you complete the entire course, finish all the assignments, and continue to consistently implement the strategies throughout your job search, we guarantee that compensation increase you get from a future job offer will be worth 3x the price you paid for the course.

If it’s not, we’ll refund you every penny. Click here read the full terms and refund policy.

3x ROI Guarantee

As is true with anything in life, great results stem from putting in the work and taking consistent action. To reiterate, this course is for people who take action. If you don’t take action, no system you choose is going to work. To that end, we don’t offer refunds to people who say “I didn’t have time” or “I never logged in.” If you don’t have the time to invest in your future right now, please consider that before signing up. But if you’re ready to take action and you do the work, I guarantee your results!

Note: If you are buying this course because you want a magical pill that will do the work for you, this course is not for you. Job searching requires a lot of work. A lot of commitment. A lot of persistence. If you are lazy, don’t buy this course. I actually require that you do work to be eligible for a refund. If you request a refund for the course, I ask you to submit a few basic assignments to show that you’ve given it an honest effort. If that isn’t something you’re cool with, we understand. This course probably isn’t a good fit for you anyways. We want to fill our community with people who are ready and willing to invest in themselves. With that in mind, we ask that you consider your schedule, bandwidth, and finances before purchasing as we are not able to offer refunds for reasons beyond the two guarantees outlined above. Click here to read all of the details on this policy.


“Austin’s advice helped me successfully navigated 5 interviews
at Facebook which resulted in an offer for a position as a Client
Solutions Manager, a big pivot from my current job as a
management consultant!”

JEN Client Solutions Manager at Facebook (*Jen asked me to use a pseudonym)
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“I was looking to switch industries, but unsure of how to successfully market myself. Austin helped me reframe my thinking & realize that my non-traditional background was, in fact, an advantage. His course also helped me tremendously as I prepared for interviews; I learned how to ask the right questions about roles and companies and how to tell stories that convey my skills. Shifting into a more positive mentality and learning how to talk about my experiences landed me the job I previously thought I was unqualified for.

ABBY Business Development at Square

“I landed a job as a Jr. PM. For a bit it looked like I might have had to settle for a $15k/year cut, but with Austin’s help I scored a $5k/year raise. The new job is letting me work from home with the exception of the first four work days per month, when I will fly out and work face-to-face with the client.”

MASON Project Manager at Virtustream

“Thanks to Austin, I landed jobs at Amazon and Apple!”

ABHISHEK Engineer at Apple

“Austin’s advice got me my dream job at Reddit.

I was a senior in my second-to-last semester of college, worried about what I was going to do after I graduated. Like many others, I felt hopeless in the job search because I knew there were hundreds of other people who were applying for the same jobs I was – and many of them were far more qualified.

I had submitted my resume to a few companies but it felt like I was just sending them into a black hole. If I did get a response, it would be the generic “Thanks for applying, but unfortunately…”

One day, I stumbled across Austin’s site. I vigorously read through most of his

articles, signed up for DJS, and started applying his methods. Thanks to him, I started conversations with some wonderful people at companies like Google, Facebook, Genius, & Reddit.

Through these conversations, I was able to get clarity on the kind of work I am good at/want to do as a career. I also received insightful industry advice from these talented and successful people in fields/companies that I aspired to work at. Through Austin’s process, I was able to secure a job at one of my dream companies: Reddit.

I’m truly thankful and forever grateful for having stumbled upon Austin’s course, it’s truly changed my life. I’ve passed along his resources to all of my friends who have also been looking to secure jobs and work at companies they admire because I really believe in his advice!”

NICOLE Brand Success Coordinator at Reddit

“My goal was to return to the technology and marketing field after freelancing for 2 years. Thanks to Austin, I got an offer at my top choice job within a month. The initial offer I got was good, but Austin’s salary negotiation tips helped me get a $10k increase. I’m super excited to start my new job!”

TANYA Solutions Engineer
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I was always under the impression that I need to only state clear facts from my experience to get a job, and that I should be okay with whatever a firm is offering me.

Cultivated Culture has been a game changer for me with absolutely fantastic resources that helped me  enhance my interview prep beyond imagination. I totally vouch for all the interview prep resources right from the step by step process of formulating a response to exact answers Austin himself used! They’ve encouraged me to proudly share my life experiences with recruiters and highlight my value and impact. And the best thing!? I managed to get a 90% hike on my new role, using the negotiation strategies Austin shares.

For anyone who’s willing to stand out and ensure a guaranteed offer at your dream company, CC is where you’ve got to be!!

SIMRAN Senior Associate, Mettl
Simran Headshot

Thanks to Austin and the Cultivated Culture community, I’m now a staffing manager at Randstad. I’ve been a dedicated follower of Austin’s content for the last year and it has been a crucial part to the success of my job search. In my case, I was stepping into not only a new job but a new career. I am so grateful for all of the content he provides. I can tell you, whatever effort you put in with his guidance you will get back ten times over. If you’re willing to put the work in IT WILL PAY OFF!

One year ago I was receiving offers for roles that weren’t truly aligned with what I wanted to do and for 30% less than my current salary. I didn’t settle and kept moving forward, learning the whole way. Even with the pandemic I am better off this year than I would have been a year ago taking one of those offers. I am in a role I love with a company that I am so thrilled to work for. I can say with confidence I wouldn’t have been as successful without him!

ELLEN Staffing Manager
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I believe most of the contents in DJS are insightful, but the VVP section is most valuable to me.

I had dozens of interviews but I didn’t perform well. One of the reasons is probably because I am not a native English speaker. To navigate this situation, I know I have to work harder but I don’t know how to do it right. Austin’s VVP tutorial is really enlightening, showing me specific steps to create extra value for the employer.

Additionally, the high-quality VVP examples are excellent references. In a nutshell, I created a VVP for my target company and successfully obtained a job offer. Thank you again for creating the DJS course!

BEN Data Scientist
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I wanted to write about my success story today and how Dream Job System and Austin were a big part of it!

Back in April 2020, I was a new Chemical Engineering graduate during the pandemic. I wanted to do a career pivot into tech but I had no “real life” coop experience and a non-tech background coming out of university. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, how and if it was even possible. For many months, I was stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, hopeless, and had no idea of what to do in the future. I aimlessly and desperately applied to ~30 Chemical Engineering jobs before I hit a major burn out. I had to make a decision on a life change now because I couldn’t continue on like that. I told myself that the pivot into tech that I was dreaming about had to happen now or never.

I came across Dream Job System in September 2020 and invested in it because the testimonials blew me away and I wanted to learn about his approach of creating a Value Validation Project (VVP). Before that, I would always read Austin’s tips and strategies in his articles – I loved how practical, different and refreshing his advice was from all the other ones I saw.

For me personally, DJS was helpful because it gave me a clear outline and resources for the whole job hunting process. When I was doing it on my own, I was overwhelmed with all of the resources online and didn’t have direction and guidance until DJS. Following his course, I had the most success learning how to network properly (with his cold emails and outreach strategies) – it helped me explore different fields, nail down my passion & career fit, define my career goals, meet new people, expand my network with some people who are friends now, and ultimately, landed me my first interview! It also helped me prep for my interview and do salary negotiations even as a new grad with no experience.

I’m happy to say that DJS and Austin played a big part in me landing my first dream role in tech at one of my target companies! I always recommend Austin to my friends who are also job hunting.

TAHSIN Product at Neo Financial
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Before I connected with Cultivated Culture, my assumption was that applying for a job simply meant filling out an online application, hitting submit, and crossing my fingers – hoping for a reply. When my wife first told me about Austin, I was skeptical – but I was feeling stuck in a grinding job search, facing one rejection after the next.

I am by no means a poster-child for Austin’s Cultivated Culture strategy. I certainly took some detours, took some risks, and tried out different things. However, despite my blended approach to ultimately landing the dream job, I found that the strategies, resources and tips that Austin offered were invaluable in my search! I quickly discovered the power of making strong connections, as well as seeking out informational interviews.

After continuing to build an arsenal of connections through Austin’s “Quick Question” email approach, my patience and persistence finally paid off. Within the same month, I received an offer for an incredible job, as well as landed two potential coaching/consulting roles in an entirely new career field! Ultimately, I still had to do the heavy lifting – but Austin’s strategies and templates provided the guidance I needed to get the ball rolling.

DAVID Program Manager, Ally Engagement
David Headshot


Have Questions About DJS?

I’ve included answers to the most common questions below, but everyone’s situation is different and I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make a good decision!

With that in mind, if you have questions that aren’t answered below, feel free to shoot me an email!

Absolutely! This is my flagship product and it will be updated regularly through the year as feedback comes in from student who have taken it.

As an example, we recently released DJS 2.0 where we added over 15 hours of brand new content, videos, templates, and resources to the course. All of our existing members got that upgrade for free.

My hope is that you view this as a lifetime investment. Not only will it help you with your job search today, but with every future dream job search you undertake. As a result, you will have full access to any and all future updates. In fact, you won’t even need to change credentials, just log in and take advantage.

Great question! Let’s flash back to college. If the blog posts & emails are chapters in the textbook, DJS is the entire college course.

For example, my No Connections article is a 20 minute read (according to Medium) and discusses my job search strategy at a high level. The corresponding DJS course material consists 25+ hours of video content, complete with resources that you won’t find anywhere else (Resume Templates, Cover Letter Examples, Value Validation Project Examples, my complete collection of Cold Email resources, etc.).

The blog posts lay out the strategies as if we lived in a perfect world. You complete step 1, then step 2, etc., etc. and boom! You have your dream job. The reality is, you are going to run into obstacles. You are going to want to give up. This course is designed to give you all the tools you need to overcome those obstacles and keep pushing through until you reach your goal.

Yes! The strategies in this course have helped people land jobs in consulting, finance, the arts, healthcare/medicine, and more. The strategies will help you excel in any industry.

That’s really a question that only you have the answer to.

That said, I can tell you that these strategies have personally led to an $90,000/year pay raise. It’s not uncommon for the students I work with to see $10k, $20, even $50k salary bumps after going through the material. Queen spent the money for DJS and tripled her salary. Mason was told he should expect a $15k cut and he ended up with a $5k raise.

This course is an investment and I have done everything in my power to ensure that it’s one of the best investments you ever make. It might seem like a lot of money now, but the course pays for itself 10x+ over when you begin to see results.

Take the students above for example. All of them saw a salary increase that was substantially higher than the most expensive DJS package. Would you make an investment if you knew that you could get 5x – 10x in return?

In addition, you’ll have lifetime access so any time you feel “stuck” or “limited,” you can come back here and make change happen. That’s powerful.

It’s less about the bottom line cost, and more about the return on investment for the rest of your life.

No problem! This is way more common than you think. If you’re feeling this way, you are definitely not alone.

The course actually has an entire lesson dedicated to helping people find what they truly want in life, and in their career. See, the problem is that too many people think that their career defines their life. That’s totally not true! The goal should be to figure out what you want, and then build your career in a way that helps you achieve your personal goals.

This course will show you exactly how to do that.

The course is self paced, meaning you can take it at your own speed.

I recommend that you watch each lesson until you fully understand the concepts, and then take action on what you learn. I tell my students that they shouldn’t move ahead until they have started to see results from the previous lesson.

With that in mind, here is a rough timeline for the course:

Week 1: Complete Module 1 of DJS.

Weeks 2: ​Complete Modules 2 & 3 of DJS so you have your resume, cover letter, and job search materials ready to go.

Week 3: ​Complete Module 4 of DJS where you identify and research your target companies as well as create a list of your target contacts.

Week 4: ​Complete Module 5 of DJS and begin reaching out to and building relationships with your target contacts.

Week 5-7: ​Begin converting relationships into referrals and complete Module 6 of DJS where you’ll learn how to create Value Validation Projects

Week 8: Complete Modules 7 & 8 to prepare to ace the interviews that you’re consistently landing.

Weeks 9-10 & Beyond: Go through the interview process at your target companies and leverage Module 9 to walk away with the offer and a salary you deserve.

The timing will vary based on how much time you put in each day, along with how well you understand the concepts & continue to take action on them.

This is another personal question that only you can answer. The bottom line is, the more time you put in each day, the faster you’ll move through the course and on to your dream job. I developed this system to be effective with 2-3 hours of work each day.

The course is 100% online which means that you can access it from anywhere, at any time, on any device. It’s incredible easy to start a video on your computer and then fire it up on your phone on your way to work.

Great question! VIP members get direct access to Austin via one-on-one coaching as well as monthly group coaching.

Each VIP member gets a live, 30 minute one-on-one session with Austin. This session will be a deep dive into whatever area you feel like you need help with. That could be your resume, relationship building, an upcoming interview, making a VVP, or negotiating your salary!

Outside of that, Austin hosts live group coaching for all VIP members. Each month, we hold a 1.5 hour Zoom call where VIP members can show up, ask questions, and engage with each other. The sessions are all recorded and VIP members can ask questions ahead of time if they can’t make a session.

Absolutely! You can upgrade your membership package at any time. There’s a link in the course where you submit that request and then our team will perform the upgrade. When it comes to upgrading, you just pay the difference in sticker price between the two tiers in a single lump sum.


DO NOT buy this course if you’re looking for someone to rewrite your resume for you and help you fill out online applications!

This course requires work.


If you’re looking for someone to re-write your resume, tweak your cover letter, and tell you that everything will be ok then you will HATE this course. Do not buy it.

But if you’re sick and tired of applying to dozens of jobs without any luck, being stuck in a job that has no room for growth, and you want to learn a strategy that will allow you to land a job you love for the rest of your life, you’re going to love it.

If you’ve always wanted a clear path to follow that separates you from the crowd, a system that holds you accountable for

succeeding, and a supportive community to walk with you as you build the life of your dreams, you’re going to love DJS.

It’s exactly what I wish I had when I started my career.


Now, are you ready to land your dream job without applying online?

Everything you need to land more job interviews.

Six Monthly Payments of
$ 177

  • Modules 1 - 5 of DJS
  • Everything You Need To Begin Landing Interviews Without Applying Online
  • Access to the DJS Private LinkedIn Community
  • 30 Day Results-Based Guarantee
  • 3x ROI Guarantee

The complete Dream Job System™ experience.

Six Monthly Payments of
$ 277

  • Access To The Entire DJS Course (All 10 Modules + Bonuses)
  • Word-For-Word Scripts, Templates, Guides, & Resources
  • Access to the DJS Private LinkedIn Community
  • Access to all 4 Bonuses (A $500+ Value)
  • 30 Day Results-Based Guarantee
  • 3x ROI Guarantee

The complete Dream Job System™ experience plus personalized coaching.

Six Monthly Payments of
$ 367

  • Access To The Entire DJS Course (All 10 Modules + Bonuses)
  • Word-For-Word Scripts, Templates, Guides, & Resources
  • Access to the DJS Private LinkedIn Community
  • Access to all 4 Bonuses (A $500+ Value)
  • 30 Day Results-Based Guarantee
  • 3x ROI Guarantee
  • Access To The MasterMind Video Vault with 25+ Influencer Interviews
  • 30 Minute One-On-One Career Coaching Session
  • Live Monthly Group Coaching (1 Hour / Month)


Giving back is a huge part of the Cultivated Culture philosophy.

Taking action is a fundamental part of my nature and the lessons I teach at Cultivated Culture. I’m a big believer in action that goes beyond ourselves, that has an impact on our neighbors, our communities, and the rest of the world.

Cultivated Culture specifically focuses on two initiatives: Climate Change and Mental Health for Men.

For every purchase of the Dream Job System™ course, we make a donation to help remove 1/3 of a ton of carbon dioxide equivalents from the atmosphere and to plant one tree 🌲. In addition, Cultivated Culture makes contributions to the following organizations:

National Forest Foundation Logo

While planting trees isn’t the most effective form of capturing carbon and making progress, it’s still a vital part of our ecosystem. I contribute to the The National Forest Foundation and their mission to conserve, restore, and sustain our national forests and grasslands. To date, Cultivated Culture has helped the NFF plant over 5,000 trees 🌲.

Movember is an organization focused on preventing men from dying early. Movember focuses on a range of issues from mental to physical health. Their goal is to reduce male suicide rates 25% by 2030 and I’m working to help them get there!

Tradewater & Climeworks Logos

Tradewater focuses on finding and destroying refrigerants and other gases that have warming potentials up to 10,000 times stronger than carbon dioxide. Tradewater locates sources of these gases, purchases them, and safely destroys them. This is a highly efficient method with immediate impact. Cultivated Culture’s contributions help remove ~60 tons of CO2 equivalents from the atmosphere every year. Climeworks is a direct air capture technology that effectively “captures” carbon from the air and safely stores it for later use as a raw material. Direct air capture is still in early stages as a technology, so it’s not the most efficient way to capturing carbon. Our contributions help remove a modest ~560 lbs of carbon from the atmosphere every year. That said, the field has a lot of potential! This is a longer term play. I hope our contributions help make a small impact in progressing that technology to help increase its efficiency and effectiveness.