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Only 2% Of Resumes Land
Interviews In Today's Job Market

Today's job market is one of the most competitive we've ever seen.

According to data from Glassdoor, Workopolis, and other reputable sources, your resume has about a 2% chance of landing an interview. Two percent - let that sink in.

Applying online can feel like you're throwing your resume into a black hole, never to be heard from again.

The reason? Applicant Tracking Systems.

Due to the sheer volume of applications they receive, companies started using pieces of software called Application Tracking Systems (ATS) to help them identify the best candidates.

If you're not familiar, the ATS comes into play as soon as you hit "Submit" on your application. It scans your application and resume looking for specific keywords, experience, education, and skills.

Companies and their recruiters use the information from the ATS system to help them determine which candidates they bring in for an interview.

Moral of the story? If your resume isn’t optimized for the role you want, your chances of landing an interview are pretty low.

So what do the 2% of people do to set themselves apart? How do they consistently land more interviews at great companies?

The 2% know how to optimize their resume for the jobs they want. They know what keywords to use, what skills to include, what formats work best, and they know exactly how to sell their experience in their resume.


In many cases, they paid someone to teach them or they used a paid tool to get insights into what their dream companies, recruiters, and the ATS software is looking for.

I got tired of seeing amazing candidates like you lose out simply because they didn't have the money or access to learn how to optimize their resume the right way.

That is exactly why I created ResyMatch! To give you the same access and the same insights for FREE.

ResyMatch Is A State of The Art
Resume Scanner That's Completely Free

ResyMatch uses state of the art algorithms to scan your resume and compare it to the description of the job you're applying for.

Our matching system uses the same criteria that companies are looking for after you press “Submit” on your application.

After the scan, ResyMatch will give you a Match Score to help you gauge how well your resume matches up with your target role.

Next, ResyMatch will break the score down to show you exactly what you need to do to improve your resume and boost your chances of landing the interview when you apply for your dream job.

The best part? ResyMatch is 100% FREE.

You'll never see a pricing page on this site because this tool is, and always will be free. There are no hidden fees, subscriptions, or limits.

ResyMatch Has Helped People Land Jobs
At The World's Best Companies

During my time at Cultivated Culture, I've used the same advice that's built into Resume Match to help people optomize their resumes and land jobs at some pretty amazing companies. Here are a few examples:

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