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Welcome To DJS!

Get ready to land your dream job without applying online.

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Step 1: Get Your Login Credentials

Your login credentials will be sent to the email you used when purchasing the course. It can take up to 20 minutes to show up so keep an eye out. If you use Gmail, you can hit the button below to go right to your inbox:

Once you have your credentials, you can use the following links to log in and access the course. All of this information will also be included in the email:

Login URL: https://cultivatedculture.com/wp-login.php

DJS Course Access: https://cultivatedculture.com/my-account/

Step 2: Enroll In The Course

When you log into the Dream Job System course for the first time, you will need to click the red "Enroll" button near the bottom of the page. Enrolling in the course will unlock all of the lessons and features that we have built into the course:

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Step 3: Join The DJS Private Community

While you're waiting for your login details, head over to LinkedIn and join the DJS Private Community. This is where all of the other students will meet to share strategies, discuss the job search, and help each other accomplish our collective goal of landing a dream job!

That's it! Once you're set up with your credentials and the DJS private community, all that's left is to get started.

See you in there!

Austin Belcak

Founder, Cultivated Culture

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